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File: 1494426388929.jpg (56 KB, 915x363)
56 KB
Can you please help me to model this?
I need:
*the file.blend of the project
* or a webm that explains how to make it

if you can't model a fucking wagon just give up
it's pretty hard you scrub
its literally not even a little hard

this is like a week-one model for beginners
Check you post in work safe requests
If you are serious go back to basics.
it literally takes 10 minutes to make rough model.
here is the d/l link


this was surprisingly hard. would be easier to make it from actual reference
>you scrub
>>it's pretty hard

pick one faggot
10 minutes???
Have you ever used blender?
188k faces???? Way too much
It has to have less than 4k faces
But it is good
File: wagon.jpg (24 KB, 494x493)
24 KB
3 minutes
yeah this model is intended for retopology. not for using in a videogame
3d modelling is like autism

you have it
Well i dont see no broom or wing XD

Welp i am a beginner
File: 76pxAL3.jpg (435 KB, 900x1266)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
> call op autistic because he can't model a fucking red wagon

>> So all the videogames devs are autistic?

no anon. just you. you are autistic for insinuating I would ever compare the likes of you to people who actually know what the fuck they are doing to the point that they get paid for doing it.

what a jump to a conclusion. You started all the way from tallest shack in the shithole you crawled out of, jumped off and fell face first into your conclusion. congratufuckinglations. you have done such a great job at making such a broad assumption from an irrelevant statement that you've created a new color on the autism spectrum and you get to live in it all by yourself like the special little snowflake you are.

i would rather get thrown into a pit of liberals with a shirt that says white pride than have you as my coworker. I would leisurely bathe in that pit as I was torn to shreds. i'd bring fucking johnson & johnson no tears baby shampoo cause that's exactly what there will be because it will be bliss just to be anywhere but in your aura of autism.

don't you ever talk to me or my son ever again you derailing faggot
>3d modelling is like autism

>> call op autistic because he can't model a fucking red wagon

Get off of here you poofer
These are the most autistic things i've ever seen, and I look at myself in the mirror every morning
Whitout all the subdivs is about 9000 faces.
Not bad. But there still need the brooms and the wings.
Can you make it?
I have major problems doing the bogies...those were damn hard
i made some small changes after i sent the file, i can re-send it again
>But there still need the brooms and the wings.
Can you make it?
yeah i think i can do them both but for the broom im gonna need to use particals and not polygons. you want to see it finished?
Can not you extrude the cylinder and scale it, then flatten it? thanks
You really are pro, doing that without references
File: 1313133.png (178 KB, 889x628)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
not sure what you mean about extruding the cylinder, i just finished the broom.
there is one thing that confuses me and its the front tip of the broom.
i didn't use a cylinder to make the pole-piece of the broom
thanks. you are welcome to review the file. i used particle edit feature but didn't add enough hair so it doesn't look exactly the same as the picture.
if you have a hard time modeling something just extrude a plane on a path/reference. its the easiest way

Op what movie is your original pic from?
Inside out
What did you use the make the broom? that's some advanced shit
i selected the face on the back of the broom and assigned a vertex group. then used it with particals.

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