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Am i wasting my time learning zbrush? I just started 2 days ago learning about sculpting in zbrush and facial anatomy. Following tuts on yt makes it seem so straight forward, but once my cursor touches the canvas, it feels like the world is ending.
Is there absolutely without a doubt no value in this whatsoever that would make me feel better about my progress thus far?
i would say only gauge your progress every 2 months or so
you study zbrush if you want to learn the software.
anatomy studies can be done on paper with a pencil.
proportions / scale->bones->muscles->fat/skin

try sculptris first, since it's way easier to grasp the basic principles.

get a wacom tablet. 2 days is nothing, keep at it daily.
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You don't have a grasp at form which is making your mind interpret things different that they are in reality or what your mind envisions.
Definitely get a tablet, you need it for zbrush -- and just study and practice the things that you want to sculpt. Make sure you are rotating your model very frequently and use as much reference as you can. I would suggest you try modeling from a reference of multiple facial angles.so you can get an idea of the forms of the face. This is the most important part, also try to work in planes (the major angle/shape changes in the face) You want to think big -> small
Listen to what this guys is talking to you.
Go read the sticky on /ic/ and master the basics first.
The sticky is full of flaws but you will have to learn to recognize them.
If you have never modeled before you can really only start in zBrush with a solid background in art. As others said, the theory is basically the most important
I'm coming to zbrush as a progression over usual modeling, The fluid workflow / not worrying about points and vertices unlock some possibilities that just aren't as easy in max.
I've tried organic modeling in mudbox before, and somehow it's a ok, but it wasn't enough for hard surfaces.
Zbrush is definitely what I'm aiming at in the long run. And the way i want to get there is by getting through with the human face.
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Have been / will continue to keep looking at faces. Somehow recognizing the names of the sulci / grooves in faces makes you see people differently.
Thanks for the advice, will def keep at it for a while.
This is what i made today.
One of two things is happening: Either you aren't able to bring what you imagine into the world (this comes with practice, study, and experience) or your imagining is falling short of the real world (this comes with practice, study, and experience).

So my recommendation is to keep practicing, studying, and gaining experience.
You might be burning yourself, obviously you want to figure out a style or something and keep going at it, realistic I guess from the pic.

As a traditionally trained artist, I suggest that you either change style completely, go abstract or change medium. So you could try to make more cartoonish character, or try making abstract shapes for a change.

You are stuck on a loop, and going forward with this right now isn't going to help you. Figure something else for a while, come back after a week or a month.
Learning anything is never a waste of time
first off your mesh is too heavy, you should have all your major forms in a low res mesh under 10k
details like wrinkles and pores are the last thing to do
download a skull.obj from the net it will give you some good landmarks

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