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I want to code my own raster painter application that paints in a 3D space.
how hard would be to code a basic paint application like mypaint or paint but that paint 3D pixels rather than 2D pixels?
Also how hard would be to also implement in said application basic vertex modeling, like a basic blender?
Also, in the same application being able to draw vector lines, like SAI?
And have basic 3D toon rendering capabilities of the previous shit.

I would appreciate a list of what topics, both math and CS do I need to learn before trying to make this.

Many thanks.

Since there's no good solution to make good 2D using 3D software and I need a solution for my own games, and since I'm starting to learn opengl and 3D computer graphics, I've made a document where I explain all the requeriments I need as a 3D artists and 2D artist to mix both worlds in a 3D solution.
I suppose people here would be interested into my ideas.
I think many of them could be possible to implement in blender, but I don't see them in any 3D software, since they came from my 2D experience with diferent 2D software.
Pls rate.

Many of the end ideas for NPR shit are there, like having more than one specular you can edit (basically projecting a circle shape that indicates the light), having a texture for shadows and lights you can paint (like normal modifiers), having diferent render passes for every specular and shadow layer, and treating the shadow as if it were a projected polygon skin onto the mesh you can paint over.

I have so many ideas for NPR rendering, that I feel there's not curent software that make them possible, so that's why I want to make my own software.
no one here could answer any of that, this board is ore about just using the programs not making your own, hell most people can't even do that
>force ortographic front view to mimic 2D view (axis X and Y)
>have basic tools (loop,scale,rotate etc)
>make cool software for art hipsters
>the program just takes a screenshot and tricks the user into thinking its raster graphics
File: superlative_laugh.jpg (86 KB, 455x675)
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Holy fucking shit lmao. You are so clueless I don't even know where to begin.

You aren't going to "write your own software" for this. If you have some sort of theoretical ideas about drawing in 2d and turning it into 3d, you could spend 6 years getting an unfunded PhD in computer science to make a shitty demo that never turns into a commercial success.

First look up Guilty Gear Xrd. Second, look up Pencil+ shader. Then you can see how people actually do this.

A feasible project is to write a custom shading pipeline for Unity or Cycles. All you need is to learn DirectX or OSL. But you will need to get artists on board with your methods and refine and develop your shaders. They're going to need to make two custom specular maps plus shadow maps? I hope you are a great instructor and that your best friend is a cg modeling wizard because you're going to need some serious backing to get anyone using your shitty custom pipeline.

I don't have any faith in you anon but still I hope you succeed because I do have a soft spot for NPR myself
bb-b-but andrew spagin wrote 3dcoat alone
If you are an insane Ukranian on a mission from God then maybe you will write your own software. You are not writing your own software if you're posting polls on /3/ asking what people want in your mickey mouse shader.
it might be true but he is a genius, how many people like this even exist?
stop trying to reinvent the wheel. there are ways of making good looking stylized 3D that looks like 2D without coding your own fucking software.

it would be more feasible to write a shader in unity or something, but making your own 3d program would take literally years and would be a mess in the end anyway.
Everytime someone compares himself to a genius I die a little inside.
>hello I want to learn how to play the piano in a week
>thats not how it works
>well mozart did at 3 and so can I
Make it stop
>write a shader in unity or something


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