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File: IPR.png (27 KB, 1488x796)
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I am not very sure if this is even the place to ask, but I figured you guys are the best chance I have.

I've recently moved over to Maya and Renderman from SFM, and until recently everything was going very swell. Out of the blue, shit gets wack.

This image is the IPR. No idea why it does this, but whenever I start it up I get weird colour thing just filling the entirety of it. Not only that, but if I choose to render, be it the whole thing or current frame, it will begin and end within a minute and then become colourful like this, followed by maya killing itself and crashing.

I've tried multiple solutions, and nothing seems to fix it. It appears to only be Renderman that does this however, is there anyone here who possibly knows what this is and how I could go about fixing it?
you're outta ram
Renderman is a buggy unreliable piece of shit, use Arnold instead
I checked and did some trouble shooting, turns out the models I decompiled from SFM and imported have a big issue with renderman. Not sure why, but everything else doesnt cause this issue.

Renderman is years ahead of Arnold for animations. Arnold is years ahead of renderman for static renders.

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