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Poor artist on a toaster here.

I've got tons of tutorials to help get me started with modeling and such, but my computer is so shit nothing will run. So I've finally decided to stop spending all of my free money on gaming consoles and save up for a PC. Here's what I'm looking at:

(I do have a spare HDD)

Will this last me a while? Any suggestions (within $600 or so)? I'm told the Ryzen's threading works well with art programs.
All of that looks fine, but I would suggest going for the 6gb GTX 1060 instead of the 3gb. You will be thankful for the extra VRAM when using programs like Substance painter, 3gb is just too little these days.
i7 950
gtx 670
8gb ram
I have:

GTX 960 4GB

It's fine for me for now (beginner).
I'm running in i7 6700 and gtx 1060. Pretty decent, but I built my pc with upgrades in mind. For the full setup it costed around 2000$.
I7 3930k, GTX 970, 16GB DDR
DESU for my level it's very good PC
OP here, thanks I guess I can squeeze a little more for it. I preferably want this PC to last me a good few years.

I also need to replace a my broken drawing tablet sometime soon.
i7 3770k
970 strix
32gb ram
256gb sandisk ssd for programs
3x2tb WD green HDD

backup server:
12tb WD red raid
its just a random part computer i got from my parents with a raid controller in it, nothing fancy

mini render farm thats in my closet:
3 racks 2u
2x Xeon E5-2670
noctua cpu cooler
super micro mobo
32gb ram
random video card just for monitor support
2x800w redundant psu

then theres psu's for each unit also.

i do a lot of freelance
Geforce 960M GTX
I7 4770
Gtx 650 1gb
12gb ram (4gb recently died)
Late 2014 iMac Retina 5k
4.0ghz i7
Radeon m295x (4gb)
32gb RAM

Additional 27" 1k display.

Love having the ability to hop between Mac OS and Windows on the same machine. Substance Painter is way, way, way more stable and faster under Mac OS than Windows.

I used to plan on machines lasting 'a good few years' too. Ah... youth.

Sorry kid but if you don't wanna be burning through big chunks of hardware every 18-24 months, high end CG is not for you.
Just make sure you flip your old gear on eBay before it's too decrepit and burnt out to get rid of. Getting hardware and then driving it into the ground as opposed to regularly selling stuff on and updating it actually ends up working out way more expensive and then you just end up with a basement full of bullshit fucked up old computer parts that you can't bring yourself to throw in the trash because you remember how much you paid for it 8 years ago.

Refresh cycles are not just for big companies.
actual cancer
an ancient i3 3450.
I also have a gtx970 but I don't even really play games anymore
File: 1471809932452.png (372 KB, 460x348)
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372 KB PNG
i7 6700k , amd 380x , 16gb

Oh you're still at the age where you get angered by the things other people chose to spend their money on. That's fun.
>tfw this was me but the graphics card got fucked after windows update and its past warranty so I'm stuck with an intel integrated that barely even supports blender's unshaded viewport

I was enjoying UE4 so much then this happens. I wish to kill myself.
>Graphics card got fucked by Windows update

It sounds like it just changed your default to the Intel one. I work in a computer shop and this sort of thing happens a lot, there are ways to fix it. Can you see the graphics card in device manager?

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