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What does /3/ think of Quixel? How does it compare to Substance?

Viewport more accurate than substance. Almost parity with marmoset and unreal.

Has a better brush engine.

Better masking.

Faster than painter when you have loads of folders as it compresses them when you are not using them.


You cant rotate materials exactly how you want.

Scaling options limited

Difficult to import new models to an exisitng project it often breaks the Id connections so you loose some work.

Limited materials. You have to import a lot of your own stuff or from painter.
I've tested Substance on my last work and IMHO Quixel is way better...
Viewport more accurate than substance. Almost parity with marmoset and unreal
Fuck me, this is one of the truest things I deal with. I only use Substance with Marmoset anymore. OP I personally like Substance programs more but Quixel is a great suite of programs to use - I especially love Megascans.
you completely forgot about substance designer which can create materials with endless presets and resolutions and is used by almost every professional that deals with environment art since it have seamless integration with UE4.
>better masking
hows so? you can mask with brush,custom alphas and polygons and ID maps to boot. what else do you need?
also i forgot to mention that substance painter have integrated baker which is excellent if you know that right settings. and built in iray renderer with tone mapping

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