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File: Body sculpt 1.png (245 KB, 1138x1027)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
I know voxels are kind of looked down upon these days but I used to really enjoy pixel art and I've started doing some simple game dev stuff so whatever.

This is my first attempt at sculpting a human body with voxels to use as a base for future models. Any thoughts and improvements? Are certain areas too round? Too square? Are the proportions off?
If you're modelling a more athletic man I would have more of a disparity between the pectorals and the abdomen area but as it stands it's pretty cute m8
As in a bit more depth in the z-axis? Sure I guess.

Thanks for the feedback. Gonna try adding some clothes and hair tomorrow. I think the legs might be a bit short though.
File: body sculpt 2.png (273 KB, 1184x1193)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Second pass. 122 voxels tall
File: body sculpt 2 back.png (275 KB, 1223x1137)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
And a back shot
normally people don't have a huge fissure in their back
you could just download a character model and fill it out with your voxels if all you are trying to get right now is a base character.

Its not like this is practise for how to model a 3D character since you dont have to worry with the most important things like topology, so while you would learn a bit on anatomy I dont think that would be enough for you to learn the more detailed aspects of it, and using an already made model would teach you the same while you filled it up and saw how the voxels were shapping up.
That's a good idea. I've been using magicavoxel which doesn't support that. Would blender?
File: 91792_max.jpg (11 KB, 388x285)
11 KB
that doesn't have the same depth as his asscrack though
it ends before it reaches his asscrack though
hes flexing you fuck
File: armTopo.png (98 KB, 535x696)
98 KB
Hijacking for question

Although this mesh is disproportionate right now, i see a lot of meshes with topology like this where edge loops run across the chest and over the shoulder. I've tried lifting the armpit higher, but it remains impossible to rotate the arm upwards.
I'm using soft select and rotating with a pivot where the shoulder joint would be placed, and can tell this will never deform correctly.
Do people model shoulders like this only if they know the arm would have a large range of motion or is there something i'm missing?
The pectoral muscle goes into the front shoulder and stretches with the shoulder
File: pirate.png (137 KB, 643x914)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Ended up moving to a much smaller (64px height) base and created this little Jack Sparrow.

Itt's not perfect, trying to make anything look baggy at this scale doesn't really work, thinner and sleeker boots+arms on my future models.

I'm planning to use a lighting effect similar to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mS7mOcpYj4 in the actual game, which will hopefully give these models a real pixel art feel even at isometric angles.
File: drifter.png (51 KB, 605x510)
51 KB
Here's a shitty little mockup of the drifter from Hyper Light drifter too that I did to test an orthogonal camera.
That's sick chum, I love me a hyper light drift

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