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File: shit.jpg (1.27 MB, 3600x900)
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hello, im working on these images. Can you help me make them look less like shit? i mean is there one big reason why they look like shit or is it many?

its all 3d max vray, vray sun vray sky and vray lights.
Mostly comes down to lighting, the lighting is too flat on most of the scene and the shadows are too diffuse.
what settings do you recommend i play with to improve that?
also, im using vray exposure control, physical camera and reindhard.
I don't know shit about 3D but /comfy/ image desu.
bumpless self shame
Are you in a jesuit college by any chance?
I'm a relative noob as well, OP, but a couple of things:

The objects with harsh angles (tables, wall edges, etc) could be improved with a slight bevel when modeling the object. There's no such thing as a "perfect" cube in the real world, and what might seem like a sharp 45° angle in theory still has a tiny degree of roundness to it that catches and reflects light.

Also, none of these objects seem to have any bump/texturing. They're perfectly flat and smooth.
no, what's that?
Just a college in the association of Jesuit colleges, never mind that

Just an arch student that had to model like three different churches over here

About the renders themselves yea you should give everything some bevel and try finding better more complex materials with bump maps or whatever, right now it's looking too cardboardy
Sorry, meant "90°" angle. Whoops.
what about the lighting
File: tables.png (1.34 MB, 2376x675)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
Just a quick 'n dirty example of the difference that jimmying around with textures, displacement, and bumpmaps can make.
any tip as to how to improve the lighting would be greatly apreaciated?

theres just so many parameters, which ones should i always leave the same and which ones should i start fiddling with?
its not your lightning. you need to fill up those rooms and make them less blocky looking.

your textures are lacking
Not only it's flat, but empty! If you put more details, like vegetation, small objects on the table, etc, it would be more life like.

For the exterior one, it could be nice to have shadows on the floor (produced by trees, or even clouds). It's flat because everything is evenly lit.

As said by others, your textures are diffuse only. Use bump maps and / or displace maps.

Also you could use an Hdri sky with more nuance in details than this procedural gradient of a sky, typical of 3D renders...

For the lighting you could always post process your images in photoshop. Look up effects like bloom, sun beams, glares...
Using the same setup as you OP, you models are fairly blocky and too clean, same goes for your textures. Instead of using seemless textures for everything try unwrap a few things and add some detail in PH. Also check out the vray dirt map it's fantastic for grime.

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