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Considering I've been using Blender for over a year now, am I at the level one would expect? Or am I way behind?

The car took me two hours, the rest around 20 minutes
depends on what you were doing

you could edit videos and make animations for a year. but if you focused on modeling for a year you would be much better
you might want to get into programming

I've pretty much focused on animation, and composing scenes and shit.
I've been doing it for a few years, but my modelling skills are complete shit if I try to make anything complex.
I definitely need to improve on that more.
>shadow is pure black

just kill me senpai
>Whitewashing shadows
Das rassis anon.
you could apply to elon musk's new shitty startup
This image is reflect your skills, that you learn from this year of using blender? Or this is "look, how fast i can make images!"? You want critique? Okay, you spent entire year of your life by using blender. Front car grille have more polygons, than entire car body. You smoothed car mesh, okay, but this "mesh" don't have correct flow, you do not support smoothing of mesh (look at mesh around the windows) by adding edge loops around the hard corners. I see a sharp, not smoothed mesh line along a side of this car. Because of bad mesh, reflection is jaggy. Just search "polygon flow".
Also I suggest you to learn about shading and nodes in cycles. I see, that you drop image as a background, but you can drop a spherical image, which can light your entire scene. Learn about HDRI, and global illumination.
Blender doesn't give you any privileges, almost no one cares about which program you use to made your picture/video. You may use max, cinema, maya, blender, or some obscure software to create images, but it doesn't matter, which software you are used, if picture looks bad. Today standarts is very high. And software also doesn't that important, some people can make beautiful images in blender, and some not able to do something decent even if they use max. Learn basics of modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, composition, compositing, post-processing, and you will notice huge difference.
if this is what you make ofter 1 year in 2 hours.
Congratz! you can use blender

however, you don't seem to realize that you can't make a pretty scene in 2 hours. your car lacks detail and especially the world around it lacks detail.

try to spend 2 days and 2 hours on a scene now, you'll probably find that you can afford to make things detailed, and give them more "love". As a result, your scene probably looks a lot better.

i mean, if you can produce this in 2 hours, you atleast know how to use blender as a program, all that is left is the "artistic view".

you'll get there eventually. try to make more basic scenes which do not cover large areas, but more like one desk. recreate your desk.

recreating your desk is a great appointment, because you have a great reference you can view and touch.

try to give it more love!
cheers, anon
File: meinedesk.png (161 KB, 960x540)
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161 KB PNG
I thought that recreating my desk would help me a bit, so I did it.

I guess I'll make everything that's on it to continue my training.
yeah OP everyone is gonna shit on you here, but it looks like your still working on your stuff. yeah you're not there yet but just keep working on your stuff and improving and you'll get there

I would expect that you have done better work at the texturing part.
>a year

My sweet summer child...
Just want to reiterate what others have touched upon: if you're going to be working as a pro on projects that need a quick turnaround, then yeah, maybe the "two hours/twenty minutes" thing is relevant. But if you're doing this as a hobbyist or for your own pet projects, then how long it takes is far, far less important than how good it looks. People routinely spend months working on a single scene if it's something that's important to them. Don't be afraid to take your time and tweak things then step away and come back later with fresh perspective to get everything just right. Don't be afraid to scrap models and start over, don't be afraid to spend entire days experimenting with lighting only to go back to what you had to begin with.

Getting things to look great doesn't happen quickly. Don't be stingy with your time investment.
You have terrible grammar but you are right.
Read and write more buddy.

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