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How easy and fast is UV unwrapping nowadays? I remember it being a pain back in the mid 00s.
3dcoat is bretty fast. look up a tutorial on jewtube for the workflow, i like it. you pretty much just mark seams and it unwraps and packs things automatically after that, although you can have it auto-seam as well if you wish
its pretty damn fast if you use group select and loop selection

you can also change island margin after unwrapping so that islands won't be so close together
With the latest maya service pack its a breeze.
Must be a wizard to perform UV's unwraps in blender, but I sometimes find it fun.Why don't the kids use texture paint, though?
I've been using uvlayout 10 years ago, I'm using it now.

I'm also pretty confident in maya with nightshade uv + several custom scripts I've got from studios, but uvlayout with maya bridge everything I'll ever need.
actually Blender is decent, much better than C4d which is the same as 15 years ago.
But the texture painting is useless (in c4d and in Blender).

Maya got the unwrap3d implementation which is very good.
I don't use Max so i can't tell.
Uvlayout gets the job done, but its ugly 90s UI gives me the creeps.
I use Blender for quick and dirty UVs and if they are easy to do. Modo or Maya for more complex stuff.
is blender the most anime modeling software?
3Dcoat is nice.
If your topology is solid and you use the right scripts for smoothing groups youll go from finishing the low to baking normals in under 15 minutes.

Couple of people use 3dcoat where i work, couple use base maya/max tools, another one uses ipackthat.

Whatever works for you.
No that would be Softimage. (RIP)

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