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Hi, quite a new game artist here. I have a great interest in rigging with maya.

Question: How sought after is a Technical Artist? The one that handles the rig/expressions/python script/etc.

I am about to graduate next year and enter the industry. But most job offers I see wants years of experience. How should I go about landing the very first Job?
quite lucrative in my opinion

good luck
Technical artists are gold, but you don't really need several technical artists in most cases. So the competition is gonna be hard I think. You have to be really good at what you do

The term technical artist can also have different meanings on different gamedev companies as well.
If you're doing rigging I would recommend just putting all your effort into that to start off with and then work your way to a technical artist position

Riggers/skinners are pretty sought after because it usually fucking sucks to do that kind of work. But again, you have to be really good, and it wouldn't hurt if you're also a good animator

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