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The majority of posts i see here are modelling/sculpting related. As an aspiring character animator, I wanted to know if there were many others over at /3/.

Pic Related: The 11 Second Club competition is awesome practice.
>12 hours till the first reply
not many, apparently

damn shame. animation is the most fun and most underrepresented subject in 3DCG.
>most fun and most underrepresented
because its boring and tedious and you suck if you like it
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>most fun
>tfw doing archviz 24/7 for the past 10 years
you're boring and tedious, and also a faggot.

turn off interpolation, stay in IK mode and use a breakdown tool, and it's almost as fun as hand drawn animation, and without having to worry about cleanup, paint, inbetweening, perspective, camera animation, staying on model, etc.

my condolences. money is money, though.
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>it's fun
>lists a shit ton of tedious meticulous things to explain how fun it is

Go on faggot
Its way more fun that modelling. Dont have to deal with 9000 other steps and hoops they gotta go through.

Feature film animator bro reporting in
Ive seen a lot more unemployed animators than unemployed modeling/texturing artists in my time lolol
I have to worry about inbetweening much more than I did with hand drawn animation (switching from FK to IK is a nightmare). And no one makes exciting rigs to animate, only typical Frozen looking characters exist and other stuff looks like a shitty 90s animation character. So far I have a greater interest in modeling and rigging so I can make a damn character that is actually fun to animate.

how is that hard? do you not know anything about traditional animation? or do you not know how to /3/? or are you a faggot?
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neat! anything we might know?
of course, it's probably a smart career move to remain anonymous on 4chan

if you leave a lot of the inbetweening to the computer, you end up fighting it. try staying in stepped/constant mode and setting a lot more keyframes.
treat it like you were making stop motion, or hand drawing. in all forms of animation, you're going to have to "draw" almost every frame.

the homogeneity in character design and movement is a shame when it's got so much potential. we're still in very early days of the form.

what kind of characters do you want to animate? david o'reilly's stuff and adventure time go over my head, but this episode must have been really fun to animate.
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Yes I use a lot of keys to animate, when it starts getting really choppy I get rid of some keys, It's switching between IK and FK that is annoying when you work with so much keys though.

I want rubbery characters that can easily be sculpted into poses. I think I'll make everything based on ribbon spines. Skinning is really bogging me down though. And I still need to figure how to make a leg that can bend high like this first pose.
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>>how is that hard?

No one said it was hard faggot but you're arguing that the equivalent to watching paint dry is "super fun omg XddddD"

Your life must suck or you must be new to animation. Welcome.
the majority of /3/ doesn't care too much about animation desu. lot of modelers here but not too many animators.

on the flipside, the rest of the internet is littered with "aspiring 3d animators xD" that don't respect the artform and produce garbage, so maybe it's for the best that we don't welcome those types here.
not a jab at OP. moreso directed towards the deviantart or tumblr demographic.

also i encourage any brave souls to post their work if they want to keep this thread from not dying. would be fun to give crits anyway.
So i've been watching a lot of month entries at 11 seconds club, and i've been reading a lot of comments, and it seens that people in there are autistic. Not kidding.

Theres a lot of amazing animations in there, but they get like 5 or 6 place, and the winner animation is overall, bad. Its about animation, but only because its rendered, "oooh, look at that sunlight, so realiistc, gotta give it a 10!", it easily won. If they do not win, they are top 10 at least, of 200... what?

So for me, it seens that 11SecondsClub people are only aspiring Walt Disney wannabe animators, but they do not understand even the principles of animation. Still, they have the power to randomly vote here and there without a clue whatsoever
I've entered twice a did very bad. Was basically told I should find a new career lol.

I agree with the guy above me, it's all that stupid goofy cartoon shit there from cringy autists. That's the type of animation that made me want to quit this shit (ie everything that's in movies now)

I want to make Advent children, Appleseed type animations but Lord forbid.
What the fuck rigs did you use to try to pull that off with?
Pull what off with? The 11secclub were done with their featured rigs under resources.

The other stuff I've never done because I've literally never seen a cool rig.
So you were trying to do Advent Children style animation with the basic cartoon rigs everyone else uses? Why? Cartoons cheat all this muscle crap so if you plan to go realistic with the animation you are bound to fail. I think those guys might have been right.
Dude are you fucking retarded or have literally zero reading comprehension?
Holy fuck you're stupid. He said he entered an 11 second club contest using their pre-made rigs, and was told to find a new career. He also said he wants to make advent children style animations but has never seen a good rig (that would accommodate such animation).
At no point did he say he tried to make an advent children style animation.

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