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So we always seem to have threads about software and modelling and techniques but not often about the end results. Does anyone here use CG for making films? I'm working on one for my Masters Degree and thought we could discuss some good creators you guys know.

I recently discovered a guy called Ash Thorpe, he does UI/concept stuff for movies mostly but also did some amazing independent work, like this: http://ashthorp.com/epoch . It's fully CG. Any other good filmmakers you guys know of? Ideally something a bit different from the usual disney/pixar derivative style you see a lot online.
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Another pretty creative film he did is here, I want to get into making this kind of stuff, ideally with a fairly architectural focus.

Interesting thread, OP. I did a short film a while ago. Started out as a test for me to model an apartment and get used to shading, animating and rendering in Maya (I was a C4D user before and a 3DS Max user before that), but ended up as something much bigger. I knew nothing about story structure and such when I started working on it three years ago, so it's not a very good film, but I'm pretty happy about how most shots turned out.
I finished it about a year ago, so the whole process took two years. I only worked on it for an evening or two most week and it was mostly a learning experience. If I had done it today I would've been much quicker. I ended up getting a Vimeo Staff Pick and it has been screened at a number of festivals, including some pretty well known ones.
I'm eager to start a new project but I haven't finished the story yet.

For inspiration, I like Wanderers by Erik Wernquist and The 3rd and the 7th by Alex Roman. It's pretty rare to find good CG shorts made by just one person though, so I look to bigger companies doing ads. The Chipotle ad A Love Story by Passion Animation Studios is one I really liked.
Check out factory 15, they do some really nice stuff. Some of their early work is a bit rough around the edges, but still worth watching.

Wow, could you share it? I'm interested now.
I don't really feel confident enough to post it on 4chan, sorry. It's no masterpiece either so you're not really missing out.
OP here, that sounds pretty interesting, I'd love to see it if you wanna be brave. If it's already public on Vimeo then what difference does it make posting it here? It's not like this is /b/ or something.

Anyway, I'm in a film-making studio at university and we're mostly using C4D, however I've been doing more atmospheric stuff in Lumion instead, it has a lot of potential outside of the fairly bland archviz stuff they usually show.

The 3rd and the 7th is a great film, it's a little empty in terms of narrative but you have to appreciate the craft that went into it, and it holds up well ten years later.

Yeah F15 are one of my favourite studios, I really like Megalomania and Jonah. Hoping to start my own studio similar to theirs some day.
I'm not that brave unfortunately.

>however I've been doing more atmospheric stuff in Lumion instead
Do you have any examples of that? Doesn't have to be your own work, I'm just curious about Lumion.

>Hoping to start my own studio similar to theirs some day.
That will do mainly short films? How would you finance it? I'm running my own company with two friends and we do a lot of advertising to pay the bills. I find it hard to get the time to work on more personal projects, I'd love to hear others' ideas on how to balance that.

A guy named Raoul Marks did this mostly by himself


How can anyone be this good?
great input in this thread.
I´m looking for inspiration too for bachelors degree.
looking more in comping rather than fully cg but wanna do the vfx/cg realfilm by myself too.
contributing with this:


probably more relevant for compositors.
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I'll be brave and post my own work, this board has no real point if we don't share what we're working on. Everything in the pic was modelled in rhino or sketchup and rendered in lumion. The top 4 are screenshots from a film (i posted about this in another thread too), the bottom one was a still render, they're basically the same quality because it uses the same effects.

Lumion's very different to other CG software and it's a lot less flexible in some ways but I do enjoy how fast it is to make things and there's a lot it can do outside of the usual bland archviz stuff. Not claiming my work is super good or anything, I'm still just an amateur.

As for the studio i don't really know, I need to finish my masters degree first and I'll see. I think even studios like factory fifteen work on pay-the-bills sort of work as well, they just don't include it in portfolios as much. I think if you really make an effort to make top-notch original stuff you can then suggest that to potential clients and 9 times out of 10 they're happy for you to do something more creative than they originally planned. Then bit by bit you get more and more work in that vein, as clients see it and want one of their own, and you slowly transition the studio into what you actually want to do and away from the less interesting work.
nice films
from these i notice that the number one way to get your film noticed by the industry is to have all your titles

>All them Badking models

At least re kit bash so its not so obvious

The guy who did Robots of Brixton came to my university and gave a talk. I seem to remember that a lot of their paid work is essentially advertising / branding. They did some stuff for Samsung , Guinness and a bank, as well as more standard archi viz work for higher end residential stuff.

They also teach at various universities and have made some online courses as well. I think that they also partly own a co-working space somewhere in south london which either gives them money or a cheap / free workspace. The point is they have a pretty diverse business model and offer a lot of services. Given this they can be pretty flexible and set aside time for personal projects when they need to.
to have a good CG crew you need a modeler, texture artist,rigger,animator and compositor (lightning artist can be spared).

however most departments that i seen (locally) have lots of marketing people, management and supervisors so its not an efficient industry.

i do agree that you have someone to do the storyboarding and the writing but not when the production pipeline revolves around ideas, that's when it becomes bloated
>Badking models
I don't know what that means. You don't like his work?
I mean its fine really, just if you use other free material in your asset string you should make sure that no one can figure out that it's from someone else's repository. Other than he knows the full dredge of most of the workflow at least on C4D's scale and you have to respect that to a certain degree. I think its fine and if you can pull that off my yourself you can make an easy 5-6 figures every time.

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