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I'm using DDO and when I apply a "Top Soot" smart material The soot texture applies to the back of the model. Is there a way to reorient the way the smart materials apply or something I'm missing?

I even manually rotated the model 90 degrees and reimported it and got the exact same results. halp
Bit of a shitty work around but I'm not a smart man - if you actually edit the mesh and rotate all the polygons together, rather than just rotate the whole mesh (which at first glance would do exactly the same thing visually) you would actually change the way the normals thought they were facing. I don't know what modelling software you're using but if it's max then you can reinforce that by resetting the xforms, and if it's blender you can apply the transformations once you've left edit mode.

Failing that I would just put the soot on myself with a very coarse brush.

Smart soot - sounds fun.

Did you provide ddo with all the maps like AO,Curvature, Object space normal map. Thats how the masks are applied.
Can you not just rotate the dirt mask with the object space normal? Can you not use the directional map? This is why you use DDO right, for automation? So why not use automation? Give us more details on why the soot will not rotate on the character.

I'm just learning DDO, I don't know about any of those options and can't find anything about the issue on Google. I don't know why the soot won't rotate which is why I made this thread.

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