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Hi folks, I'm not sure if ths fits here, i felt it doesnt rly fit in /gd/. I'm searching for a source on good stock footage for video editing. Is there a better place than cgpeers? This is the kind of stuff I'm looking for: https://www.actionvfx.com/collections , I'm not making any money of this stuff I just like learning this stuff and don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on this as a student.
try cgpeers
is that that star wars dude?

>He doesn't like you
>I don't like you either
>You'll be dead!
it's not there.. any tip is appreciated
rip youtube...
search for royality free stockfootage or green screen stock footage. explosions, sparks, smokes, 3d cracks and shit like these is plenty on youtube.. I have used it myself. if you are learnoing it'll be enough for you. + search SG peers and other torrents too. but what you are asking is already on youtube IMHO.... search Videocopilot also on torrents. they have shit like this.. oh and red giant has plugin for this shit also.

+you can make your own ones in after effects, with stitching, overlaying and mixing one with another. etc.. etc,.. you'll also learn from doing that. believe me it'll be good practice ))
It's a guy from this TED talk called own your face. He had a birth defect.

thanks man, good info!

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