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My company bought this P.O.S from 3D PLATFORM. Has not made one successful part, their support is garbage, 1/2 the machine can be bought online, we complain and they only want us to upgrade to another piece of shit that supposedly has the fastest extruders on the market with no benchmarks etc.does anyone have experience in the large format 3d printing/rapid prototyping? that can advise?
ask in ultimaker
Looking at their website, seems to be an oversized reprap stuck onto a workbench, with the same kind of electronics and beefier stepper motors. Check the 3D Printing general thread over at /diy/ for specific questions. Also #reprap on freenode IRC are a very helpful bunch.

Since the company that made the printer are shit, you may need to learn more about the machine in order to configure it to work right. Try a different slicing software like Cura or Slic3r for generating gcode, it doesn't have to be Simplify3D. I think Cura has the better way of generating support material. You can also control the machine using Pronterface (printrun) if you find it more to your liking.
At that size material is very important factor. What are you using?
>x movement is hold by z movement, which is hold by y movement.
>cable chain is dragged all that way too
>No cover whatsoever
WTH. It looks a bit like they put the worst ways to build a 3d printer into one machine.
>anyone have experience in the large format 3d printing/rapid prototyping?

All I hear is a bunch of whining and moaning about how you can't get the machine to do what you want.

3D printers just aren't all that complicated. What seems to be the specific problem you're having?
it looks wobbly as fuck
Buy this.
Thanks for the input. We dont really have a problem with printing per say, just an issue with the manufacturer(ing) since we've owned it, we've had to replace 3 extruders(one almost burning the machine up due to not insulating the hot end and shorting the heater to almost 500c) the filament empty switch plain and simply does not work after replacing with an "upgraded version" witch is a pain in the ass on long runs. The 1 meter glass bed is leveled with I shit you not, 6 set screws that need adjusting constantly from the ridiculous jerking of the machine. we need another option and I will look into the suggestions.

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