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Is there really any hope that any of us will ever be hired or make decent money at this 3D computer stuff? How about that and actually being happy with where you end up?

I'm personally confident enough to the point where if I needed to I could get a job somewhere for something related to 3D work, but I don't want to be doing something I would consider dull and awful like 3D modelling differently shaped lightbulbs and nothing else all day, or working for some terrible and boring kids movie that is going to tank and be forgotten the moment it comes into theaters.

Hell, even if the product was really bad and boring I might be able to live with it if I have great coworkers, but what are the odds I even get that lucky with where I land? Will my coworkers even speak English fluently like I do?

I'm almost done with getting a 3D degree at my city college after a long distracting bout with cancer. I know, the degree doesn't really mean much, but I've been trying to crank out animations for a demonstration reel every chance I get to compensate for how useless it's probably going to be. I'm wondering more about how easy it is to be happy in this field than how easy it is to just get hired somewhere.

I can't seem to find a good answer for this at my school, my classmates are generally lazy and unfocused and my teacher seems like he's desperate to do anything and everything that's offered to him for money.

Some of us already do, most won't. Just persevere and dreams can become realities.
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>job requirement includes an extremely expensive niche software that nobody outside of that position would ever have any experience with
>Just persevere and dreams can become realities.
U wot m8. Is it that hard to get a job in this industry?

Btw, what is the employment rate of top 3D schools in the world?
>Btw, what is the employment rate of top 3D schools in the world?

id say about 20%
for most average schools id say 1%
Dense retard. You don't want to make lightbulbs so pursue your dreams of better options. This is not hard logic to follow.
there are frontpages at artstation who are looking for work so you can imagine that this type of awesome carefree job does not come easy even if you are extremely good.
you might have luck and get paid for it but the exception does not swallow the whole
Jesus Christ. Now I'm wondering why am I even going for digital design masters degree the next year (which is not pure 3D, but it is focusing on it). My only other options are to polish my webdev and design skills and do that, or get another degree.
Welcome to adulthood kiddo. Most people don't like their jobs even if they chose that "path". Get any job you can get, and look for better ones while you are working.
well yeah its a giant scam.
i would say gnomon is the only school where you get 50%+ students into the industry the rest are bullshitting
do as much modelling as you can in cad

hard surface? solidworks
arch viz? revit

it's 10x easier to model complex forms and a low level cad job that will get you on the ladder is much easier to come by
you guys should do commissions for avgd threads on /vg/
If you are creativer and artistic get any shitty modeling job you can get.

Your on your portfolio on the side.
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what's ur reel consist of? animation or 3d generalist? none of my animator friends got jobs and animators always seem to be outta luck in the job market. My 3d generalist reel landed me a job at a medium sized studio in LA and now i work on superhero movies which is kinda a childhood dream
I second this, at my shit school i feel like i was the 1% i dunno how i got so lucky
>>561846 sometimes those artstation frontpages don't actually know how much theyre worth and end up working at a shitty commercial house or something
screw cad, just learn all the modeling tools u can learn. they all work differently and when u learn them your workflow will be better (like if u run into a problem you know how to fix it with a certain modeling tool or technique)
yeah i felt like my school was a giant scam. the problem i have with art school tho is that everyone there thinks the same. that's the only thing i got out of my school. I don't have the same ideas as every other artist out there since i got a friend circle of non artist people
>average 3D schools have a 1% employment rate
that can't be fucking right, what the fuck are you even saying
>that can't be fucking right
well when most of these schools say they have 70% placement rate this is where i got suspicious and started digging.
i started comparing job ads (for 3D) and student reels and found out that almost none of the reels answer the job requirements.
adding salt on the wound, most schools shit out generalists which is not in demand.
gnomon redirects students straight into character creation and environment pipeline and i say good fucking job for doing that. schools need to stop pumping out generalists
Wait 10 years for the VR industry to get their tech cheaper and faster
>schools need to stop pumping out generalists
i'm clueless on this matter, so please correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought generalists were good for the indie game industry that has been steadily growing for the past few years

schools probably aren't manufacturing generalists because of that, but i'd assume generalists are able to find decent work, still?
>but i'd assume generalists are able to find decent work, still?
well don't count on that. do a job search online and find out.
>but i thought generalists were good for the indie game industry
but the indie game industry isn't good. whats good about working on something for months and never get paid for it? going indie is the same as a musician that owns his own record company, shit out of luck.
I taught myself 3D in January this year and just opened my own business last week just pumping out models for printing and other miscellaneous use. There is so much opportunity in this field and plenty of jobs to fall back on. If you get bored with something just drop it and do something else, you have nothing to lose if it doesn't work out.
3d printing? tell us more famlam
My goal is to get to where's I'm making around $36,000 a year primarily selling assets and some other stuff (prints, tuts, etc).

I think it's feasible. A lot of it matters how much money you need to make. Are you happy living small, or are you looking to make upwards of $100,000 a year? It's all relative.

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