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I'm doing internship in some company, and I got a task to make 3D model of their factory. (It's framed as a way to have me get to know location of every machine and deparment there.)

Previous guy did similar thing, but in 2D, and there are no dimensions of the place. He also created a 3D model of few offices in SolidWorks. (In which I have only a basic skills.)

How to complete it?

Where, on internet, could I find help with this? (Sorry if this is the wrong board)
Depends, do you have access to building plans? Ideally in CAD format?

If so, you can use any modelling tool (Solidworks would be fine, as is Rhino, or Sketchup) to pull up the walls, add floor planes, and go from there.

If not then you're going to have to measure and draw your own plans which would take a lot longer. You can't really start in 3D unless you know the 2D layout so ideally you should ask for building plans even if it's just simplified ones like the ones they'd use for fire evacuation signs - you can model from one of those and a bit of knowledge of the actual thing.

If (and it sounds likely from what you said) you really don't have anything to go on, and drawing your own isn't an option, you can try to make an external model like your OP image based on google earth, and a bit of imagination/exterior photos/real life observation for the details.

As for online resources you just need to look up architecture modelling tutorials, the process of taking CAD plans and modelling a building from them is something I can help with but you need to decide what exactly you're going to be able to produce first and how long you have to do it.

Thanks for your response, anon.

>Depends, do you have access to building plans? Ideally in CAD format?

They didn't mention it. But I could ask.

I have 10 days for this, and I'm not completely sure if it's a serious task, since they said that previous guy did 2D layout for 3 years and made 25 version, and this is a position for a mechanical engineer, not a civil or construction.
You're just an intern. Sounds like a scummy place to work for.

What can I do, anon? Others are far worse in my country.

I would do it in blender as it's easy to download. Follow a tutorial like this and modify it to the building you want to make.


I probably have to do it in SolidWorks.
Do you have to model the machines as well? If you do, I don't think the task is meant to be serious.

Even if you could modulate the fuck out of everything, modeling an entire factory is a task that would take a bit longer than ten days, depending on the size of the place.

Also, do you have to hand it over textured and lit? Because if you do, that's even more reason to raise an eyebrow.
Why solidwoks? I'm not really that familiar with the program, but afaik it's more aimed towards single models. Something like that could be done much easier and faster in 3ds or blender.
Most people here are on the entertainment side of things more than industrial, so you're going to see less CAD users. SketchUp seems to be a bridge between the two and is relatively easy to learn, so maybe try that?

I'm not exactly sure why you're interning as a 3D artist for a company that requires software you have little experience with.
bonus points if you have a drone, do some photogrammetry.
there are some free solutions, but pirating also.

I think that the point is to have it something that looks like a machines too. And to be familiar with location of every department.

About textures, I don't know. Probably not.

>Why solidwoks?

They have license for it, and they use it to model parts.


Where can I find SolidWorks users? Actually, I'm interning as a mechanical engineer.


If I can borrow it from someone in Southeastern Europe, it would be great.
archstudent here, have done like models and renders for 3 different building with little or no plans to go off of, check the floors there must be a safety layout with graphic scales near fire extingushers or water hoses, that is just by regulation

Take a photo of those plans and draft over it in CAD, failing that just use google earth and an afternoon of manual measurements

My workflow is I make the basic 3d models, like walls windows roofs floors, etc in CAD itself each in its own layer, then I export it to 3dsmax and do everything else there, any weird details i make in Rhino

So yeah first of all make yourself familiar with any CAD program

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