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Hey, When I've rendered out footage in after effects the colour is about 3-4 shades darker than that of the preview window, any ideas? Im exporting as a photo jpg.
heavy compression hermano
Could be any number of things. You need to check your color management pipeline. Use exr or tiff as your file export format. Make sure single frames come out correctly in Photoshop before rendering a whole animation.
Check the colour space of your file and the colour space you're exporting to, might be downsampling 32-bit colour to 8-bit or something. Check the export options, I only get good results with certain filetypes/encoders so maybe you should try a few until you get the right one.
Encoding and/or color space profile
I had a weird issue where exporting an image from max would come out a little darker and more compressed looking in Windows photo viewer or Facebook but bringing it back to Photoshop restored it to it's original colours.

Could be how you're viewing it but chances are you're smarter than me
because you have not selected exp[ort color corrected image, option.
the other thing is TIF. format shows slightly potnt colours, when you print it, it's normal.

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