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so i want to print this out but the fucking geometry is fucked up
i have no idea how to fix this
can one of you guys help please? id really appreciate it
i just want the model smoothed out so all the lines are there (ive printed it out already and all the lines are present on the print wich ads hours on top to clean it)
my friend said to use zbrush (fuck knows how to use that) and :dynamesh the geometry in a high resolution
and the decimated it
the 2 concepts are dynamesh and decimation master
with that the mesh should work really good
no idea what 90% of any of that means
please guys help me out?
looks like you tried to smooth tries and/or terrible topology ya dummy

there's no quick fix or solution to a problem like that, without simple manually remodelling or topologizing those areas

the good news is that depending on the resolution of your 3d printer, you wont even notice those problems because that kind of detail is too granular for a lot of 3d printers


it messes with the gcode cause there's parts missing from the model and stuff see i'm great with physical modelling if it printed out quicker (17hours + for one part because of the fucked geometry) id be able to fix it but threes also no pegs or anything to marry up the parts
Use a real program like Cura and see what it looks like in there
i have a wanhao duplicator 4/4x but it isnt in the cura list? what do?
unnnnnnnh UT99 enforcer
dude, do some retopology, it can gice you a little work but for me its the best way, if you use maya transform the mesh in a live surface and go with quad draw
wow an UT 99 enforcer...nostalgia hits hard here.
i rather like the unreal chanpionship 2 one - sleek and cooler design.

re model it - or print it on FDM then fill - sand - bondo - sand - still you need to give some finish to it

import it and dynamesh, mess with the dynamesh settings to make sure you maintain detail and smooth.

you can either use the smooth brush or just polish and polish by features to get rid of the really fucked up edges.

If it isn't too highpoly just export it and print it out. If it is too highpoly "decimate" it in zbrush to a lower poly count but don't go crazy.

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