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I am currently learning about shading and rendering, does this look real to you? I think I went overboard with the dirt and grunge.
looks realistic from far away since its a 3d scan but the mesh errors ruin it right away
Post refs, right now it looks like a blue plastic garden statue version of Buddha or whatever that's been sprayed with mud
The dirt on it really doesn't make much sense; the base looks pretty okay (if it were something that sat in grass), but the rest looks totally random

>but I'm not using refs, I'm just eyeballing it
Always work with reference images, even if something's stylized (which this isn't) you still have to have some foundation in reality and that means having images of real world things
Take it from me, OP. You can never have too much dirt and grunge.
I think the blue thing and the mud have the same roughness values, and the mud looks placed at random, try doing a curvature map for the placement.
Also, it needs some schatrches in the normal texture.
The dirt and grudge looks fine OP, aside from the obvious scanning artifacts it's a nice model
>The dirt on it really doesn't make much sense
Aaaaand you blew it
Post a picture of a real world object with dirt distributed it on it the way that statue is.
Then ask yourself if the way the object got the dirt on it matches a situation the statue would also be in.
Then kill yourself.

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