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How would you rate the quality of this CG, /3/? Is this acceptable for a weekly anime or did they fuck up?


I think they change angles a bit too frequently, other than that it works i guess?
Nope. Gotta set them normals for the faces manually
I think the angle changes are because they wanted to keep it as close as possible to the manga, which is known for its frantic action shots.
I've always had trouble to follow what's going on in Berserk action scenes, even in the manga.
This just seems really forced and the animation feels very rough.
Dont mind the cg as i mind the shitty babys first movie camera work and fight choreography
The advantage of 2d is that a good lead animator who can make good keyframes can carry by himself entire scenes while the inexperienced fillers just fallow his lead
Here its clear people involved have no talent and knowledge to be able to pull it off, and it relies on too many people from animators to the director to make it half decent.

Based of this i wouldnt touch the movie.
Somebody post the naked spanking scene. This anime is such a shitshow.
Movie have a fine direction, only real problem was the 3d models for the background characters. The trilogy is plenty worth it and the last part of the last movie is gold.

At the very least compared to the direction of rhe Anime it's like night and day. In the first episode of the second season I was cringing every 10 seconds about how fucking badly done it was.
I couldn't make it 10 minutes into the first episode. The art direction and animation is fucking terrible.
The animation itself looks robotic and janky also the lack of motion blur makes the low fps hard to look at.

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