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Does the modders out there get somehow a nice money with their creations? Like Donations or selling mods?

We know that Hentai and porn SFM gives money, and selling 3d stuff aswell, but what about mods?
they get shit
have forgotten the shitstorm when they tried to sell Skyrim mods ? Even steam backpaddled faster than you can say mods should be free forever.

Ya the most prominent skyrim modders who have donation pages all basically said they get nothing.

You can tell by the quality of fallout 4 mods that people were really red pilled by that.
Sometimes modding leads to getting hired by the developers in rare instances, which is what happened to me.

Otherwise there's not many other chances for modders.
Modding is always a hobby.

Don't do it unless you really want to change something about your favorite game.
Literally practice and having fun, always been and always will
If you need money - join a team and make a game
I mean, a game is a lot of work and due to the massive normie influx to the indie scene ever since minecraft you're lucky if you find anyone who knows what they're doing.

Better off just making porn.

OP here, well thats a interesting story. I love skyrim and i really want to create a mod for that game. Something like an armor, or shield, or some props, i don't know, but for fun.

I do like the fact of people talking about your mod, or even a video review about it, saying good or bad stuff about your work, but still it feels fun to me.

But yeah, i didnt knew that modders arent paid well by donations, i though someone here and there had a story to tell like "whoaa look how much money i did with this shit".

I guess SFM porn still is a god tier lol
I'm all for paying for mods if none of money goes to the game publisher. Thst aren't responsible for the mod. If somebody modifies forks as a business, they don't send any of their profit to whatever silverware company. "Intellectual property" is retarded. You ha e to have the game to use the mod anyway.

Depends on the game company's support for the modding community, to be honest. Bethesda has made their games as mod friendly as possible since Morrowind, and lots of game companies release modding tools. Those kinds of conveniences entitle the company to a share of mod proceeds, imo.
Modded games for many years and never earned a penny. It actually costs money to pay for things like hosting. When you're young and dumb you don't really think or care about money because it's not important and you can do it all for fun. Then reality kicks in and you have to get a job to pay the bills so it takes a sideline or you just stop completely. In my case I managed to make it profitable and now earn a living doing essentially the same kind of work. Of course I now have to make things people want rather than what I would want but it's not that bad and I still have a lot of creative freedom. If paid mods become a thing then I will certainly take advantage of it since it's really no different to what I doing now. Just have to learn the framework of the game engine and away you go.
So much this.

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