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Noobie Help. Yo guys. Been messing about with blender for a few weeks now and im obviously not literate in the programme yet. what does this guy do at 2;10? i know how to create a face but whats the little move he uses to make it divided like that? Any help would be fantastic!

E+ XY or Z
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do a blender beginner tutorial


My result pic related

The move he did was:

1. Do an Extrude operation of the edges
2. Right click the mouse to cancel the "move" part of the extrude operation, edges are still extruded but they overlap with the other ones so you can't see them
3. Do a Scale operation and press 0 on the keyboard to scale the selected vertices down to zero.

When you scale to zero, all the vertices go to the center of the selection. You would need to do a "Remove Doubles" operation after this so that they all get meged to one vertex. This wouldn't be necessary if he used the "Merge vertices" operation, but then an extra menu would've appeared where he'd need to select "At Center".
I like blender but sometimes it's really fucking dumb the way you have to work to do simple things
File: FB_IMG_1492536695525.jpg (19 KB, 720x405)
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I didn't do anything fancy, but here's mine
that's so terrible, give up.
bad materials and color selection work on it, don't give up.
Don't give up. Looks 90s tier but keep going.
>I like blender but sometimes it's really fucking dumb the way you have to work to do simple things
The person in the tutorial did it in a retarded way, he should have just pressed Ctrl M -> Center

If he needed to repeat it, he could have selected more verts and pressed Shift R to do it again, or use the Symmeterize function or a Mirror modifier

I didn't look through the tutorial but the thumbnail clearly has nice (or adequate) lighting and specularity, while your donuts look really flat. What's the deal?

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