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Have you tried out the 3D tools in Windows 10? It's interesting, you can create so much shit now without installing anything extra at all.
I haven't before now, but now I REALLY don't think I will.
Why are you shilling on a board with maximum of one hundred users per day? Windows 10 sucks.
File: 1491700330020.jpg (45 KB, 870x714)
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Spyware of Windows is too much. I'll stick to Linux, even if it is less powerful. Safer > Faster
Do you really think the NASA gives a fuck about you? It's mostly for spying on terrorists
NASA should be worrying about space, not my loli collection.
File: 1491960065546.jpg (148 KB, 1200x674)
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I am more worried about corporations like Walmart and Microsoft. I hadn't even considered NASA wanting my information.

Who mentioned NASA. You let the cat out of the bag didn't you.
What, why does windows include this now?
Do they include a compiler now too?

They include all the shit no one needs and none they do. I can't take the system seriously anymore. What do you mean without any extra when that's literally what defines the system?
A compiler would actually be useful.
Not for everyone. A operating system should be blank to start with & let you install what you want on top of that blank canvas.
For programmers or savvy users who aren't afraid to follow a guide to compile some source code when the dev doesn't provide a .exe, sure, could be useful.

Realistically, the programmer would install a different compiler that he's already used to, and there's not a lot of programs out there with an appeal to a userbase that you must compile first. So it really would be useful only in a few fringe situations which don't justify a native installation.
An operating system should be able to compile itself in the default install, though.
Fair point.
NASA is spying on terrorists now?
We really got a lot of traction out of the "NSA mistyped as NASA", huh?
they need your porn for the astronauts on their trip to mars anon
File: images.jpg (4 KB, 136x180)
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>be 1957
>US gov decides it can't see all the terrorists
>can't build big enough building to see all the terrorists
>decide to just send people into space so all those terrorists can be watched
>they saw the russians planning to go to the moon so they can watch america
>the space race begins
>found NASA the next year
>US gov defunds extending the watch tower
>puts money towards sending men to the moon
>does it
>be today
>masturbating furiously over my female dog humping a stuffed donald duck
>she stops fucking the duck
>looks towards the sky
>I look towards the sky
>we both shed a tear knowing the great NASA is watching the terrorists
>finish wackin it thinkin about NASA the whole time
>pound a couple piss beers
>go shoot beer cans out by the railway track with my drum mag ak-47

NASA is a fucking hero
>without installing anything extra at all

Cunt how do you think it got on your computer? You fucking installed it.
I got an old laptop back from my sister and was going to use it for downloading or w/e. wiped it clean / factory restored / installed win 10 and it's so shit I've abandoned the laptop. it's not worth the effort or installing an older OS again, and windows 10 is absolutely fucking garbage.
File: 1486999736114.jpg (32 KB, 576x507)
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It looks like absolute garbage and none of the new features can contend with any pre-existing 3D software

So yeah, sure, you can create alot of new stuff. but it doesn't mean you should

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