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So, I know there's no "Better" program in this case, but why does the guy say "anything but blender?"

The girl wanted a basic course for modelling, so I posted a playlist containing a full Basic Blender stuff, the same stuff I started with about three months ago.

The guy seems to be a professional.

So, why does he say that? I only know Blender.
Blender is a good free alternative to the industry standard. If you're worried about copyright laws, the price, or just like Blender, it is a good solution. However, Blender is notorious for its past decade of problems, bugs, and unfounded solutions to problems already solved by Autodesk and zBrush. Lately Blender has gotten a lot better but one, the stigma of Blender being bad has stuck, and two, it is hard to get rid of old reputations. Also note that most newer 3D users use Blender, and as such most of the art that comes out of the community is garbage. This alone makes those on the outside see it as a clunky newbie software. Blender has good artists using it, but compared to the plethora of professionals using Autodesk, zBrush, and Modo the word of mouth circulates as these products being superior. Finally whereas Blender has a good tutorial and help community, Autodesk/zBrush/Modo have a plethora of professional tutorials you can utilize to create the art you see in games, movies, and renders. While Blender has good professionals, the plethora of content being pumped out for the other products heavily outways Blenders on a AAA level.

Blender is not a bad program, but it has heavy competition which can be debated/argued as better than the free alternative. Use what you want to use, it's more the artist, not the program. As of note, I do not use Blender.
Don't fall for that meme.

Depends on what you're working. If your company has an entire pipeline around some programs, blender will probably not be among them.

But I don't think anything could be worse than 3ds max now. It was good once, but for years only bloat was added. It's kind of in the same position with AutoCAD. People use it solely based on inertia.

Blender is customizable and I've seen good stuff done in it. Yeah you might lack some documentation and it takes a bit to set up, but it's more than worth the time.
Thank you both, this was pretty much what I was thinking about.
I mean, I got used to Blender in just two hours and it was pretty fun to model stuff but I couldn't understand why people shat on it so much(I later found out why after downloading a previous version for a Nif to blend plugin and it was horrible)

So yeah, weird.

I should probably tell her.
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TFW you're used to the speed of blender's shortcuts but you have to learn other software if you want to make it into the industry
>mfw people think Blender shortcuts are faster than a marking menu
It's not because the guy is a professional that he can't be a retard.

If he can't provide a concrete reason why Blender should be avoided, and explain it in terms understandable to (most) anyone, he's talking out of his ass.
i think the answer is obvious. there is no formal education with blender so no one can personally sit down 1on1 with people and teach it. this makes learning it much more un-organized

closet you can get to blender university is cg cookie
ITT: nobody who has ever tried rigging in Blender

Rigging in Blender is a shitshow. It fails to do rudimentary things such as clean skin weight mirroring. You can Google all kinds of questions and find the answer is "there is no way to do this."
Tfw you are so shitty you can't even figure out how to assign keyboard shortcuts in Maya

So if I've got this right. A woman wants to learn 3D. A NEET combs his neck beard and says "Use superior Blender, M'lady". Then a pro comes in and says "Forget Blender, it's for plebs, use the pro tools like I do".

Now the NEET is wondering why he got cucked by the pro.

This almost seems like a joke. Damsel in distress. Blender dork thinking he has a chance. Suave Industry Pro swings in and sweeps the damsel off her feet. Dork left sitting there with his trilby in his hand wondering why women won't respect his Blender skills.
Actually no, I did add her since she looked cute in the photos but, after a few posts and photos where she was just plain fat I forgot about her.

This post was more "Why the hell is that Professional shitting on the thing that I'm learning?"
I'm pretty inscurire about the stuff that I try to learn.
For modeling?

Check out a program called Metasequoia
Nah, you've got it wrong.
Anon uses blender and likes it and recommends it to someone who wants to learn 3D.
Then a professional shares his opinion and assuming the professional's opinion has more weight behind it Anon wants to know why it is as it is. Such consideration and curiosity for alternatives is what keeps you evolving.

The rest of your post is just /pol/ trash. There's more to 3DCG than potentially smashing genitals together.

Drop him a message in the lines of 'As someone who has been learning blender for a while, what do I have to gain in learning this software? Can you share some learning resources?'
If he has an unjust bias towards blender, it's no use trying to ask for why exactly or to try to correct him. By learning his tools, you will learn every reason there is to hold his opinions.

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