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Is anyone here interested in helping out with a SHAFT inspired VN? Particularly, modeling backgrounds with similar art direction to the Monogatari Series.

This is a personal project I've been working on for several years now, and we're currently booked for publication. There's a couple 2D Japanese key animators involved, who have worked on shows such as Flip Flappers, Cinderella Girls, and Kizu (in-betweens).

Also, giving advice on the backgrounds is an illustrator who's worked on titles such as Nisekoi, Monogatari, and the Madoka movies.

In short, the story is about a delusional man blowing up a Church with magical girls. Script's completed, with a story roughly the same length as 60% Fate/stay night.
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Money-wise, I can't offer much since we're on a very limited budget.

I can be contacted at byeedesign00@gmail.com
Hey I remember you.

I can't model backgrounds for shit, but I remember the 2D stuff you posted looked pretty nice.
You also might want to try looking for people in places other than 4chan as well. Maybe try polycount, reddit, or something like that.

Good luck, anyway.
Are you just looking for 3D artists? Or programming as well? Let me know, I might be interested.
Just 3D artists. Programming side seems pretty safe right now.
We talking Kizu backgrounds or normal Monogatari backgrounds?

There's a big difference.
Damn, i would be super down with helping you guys, but I'm still working at the moment. If you still need help post another thread in a few months.
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More along the lines of Kizu if we're talking about the final rendering, though we're taking influence from the TV series too. It's not going to be as dark.

The key elements we're following are repetition, scale, and minimalism.

If you could shoot me an email so I can get back to you later, that would be great.
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Sounds interesting sent an email.
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Thanks for the samples. Shot you back a response.

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