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I was NEET and almost NEET for years until mom forced me to get a job. I was doing 3d all the time, making games in unreal and unity, etc. Now I work 40+ hours a week in burgerland and I'm too tired to do anything afterwards except watch TV. How do I get that fire back? I dont even have a gf
isn't your issue here.
you don't "get that fire back".
that's a self defeating way to internalize your shituation that also feeds itself.
You must choose, Enrico, whether you want to conquer the couch, or conquer the 3D.
But you must never forget to conquer yourself.
Get a prescription for vyvanse, focalin, or modafinil.

I'd avoid Adderall though
similiar thing happened to me.
i used to work at some maintenance job and all i did after work was watching oz and play l4d2
quit job go 3d fulltime
I conquer myself at least twice a day. My record's 13 tho
>Not making /3/ and conquering yourself to it...
Hijacking this thread for a moment.

I have been learning 3D for the past month and I already got depressed and can't see the point anymore.

Job prospects are shit, everyone is saying you probably shouldn't go into this industry (like with every other creative field), salaries are low and a lot of shit can be outsourced.

It seems like the only true way today is to go into programming, but I'd go insane if I had to do it for a living. My depression and stress levels are constantly increasing because of this fact and I don't know what to do anymore, and what to spend my time on.
programmer guy here. It's totally true that you can earn a shit load of money in this job and, also even if you are average, you will always get a job.

But the greatest problem I have with my job is... I hate it. The crunch time before fairs is ridiculous. Everyone is literally burnt-out after that phase. And you won't have any fun sitting for nine hours in a small office, farting at three other people and looking continuously at text aka lines of code. It is depressing.

And yes, I will change my job to something where I can see what I have done. Programming became so complex even after doing a shift... I don't really know what I have done to the whole system. That's really abstract and it doesn't fullfil me anymore.

So, here is my advice for you. Do the thing you have most fun with. Want to be a baker in france? Do that! Want to be a dog trainer? Do that.
Yes, you have to live with less money and/or with more working time, but if you have fun working in that job, then just do that for a living.
you can maybe make some good 3d assets and sell on unreal's market place, people buy that stuff especially if u got unique and good quality stuff.
Life fucking sucks. I think about killing myself at least once a day

??? if they are doing 3d / CG, they obviously have the most fun with that.
>everyone is saying you probably shouldn't go into this industry

actually anyone i asked told me to learn 3D and look for a job. a big chunk of the 3D industry are those useless diplomas and people wanting to become "animators"
What? Dude, there are so man jobs and will only be more. Companies need guys and gals that know CAD to model their products. Not usually design, but at least model. So, so many firms need 3D modelers, from cinema (cream of the crop) to manufacturing. But yeah, you won't be making money. Get a degree in finance or accounting if you're after money rather than fulfillment.

Personally, I'd rather make 40k a year doing something I enjoy than bearing a job I hate for 80k a year.


Shit maybe not that's a very juvenile thought what if I want to retire goddamn it.

I guess if you're old you can still do 3D, just not physical stuff.

Do what interests you I guess. Most BS advice ever given.

Whatever you decide on, never ever dwell on what could have been, cause it's not and you'd only be thinking the same thing if you had done something else.

Grass is always greener...

Alternatively, have you tried getting drunk or high and modeling? It's honestly very interesting if you're more or less fluent in your program of choice. I started on SketchUp and got to the point where I could blackout and end up making some pretty interesting shit. Now I do that in Maya and you can too.
File: boredom.jpg (52 KB, 850x400)
52 KB
>I'm too tired to do anything afterwards except watch TV

Many struggling artists are in that exact situation. Burned down after the 9-5. With no energy left. But the real resource isn't time or energy. It's attention. Focus. We live in a world of endless distractions. Avoiding what you don't feel like doing is very easy. People struggle to find motivation to keep on track. Something to push your forward. The spark. The crystal seed. Passion.

But really, there isn't such a thing.

The secret of creative work and art, the secret to get focus, is boredom. That's the key. The creative spark is an overreaction to fight against boredom. Google "boredom and creativity" to see how it works. Specially a book called The Aesthetics of Boredom.

No TV. No internet. No music. No phones. Erase games and movies from your HDD. This is painful. Boredom is like torture. A death force. People ruin their lives and marriages because of boredom. People spend millions and piss away money because of boredom. People have killed themselves out of boredom. There are studies in which people would rather get painful electric shocks instead of sitting in an empty room for just 15 min.

Now how to use boredom..
File: vr_comfortzone.jpg (149 KB, 1440x1152)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
We have a interest zone and a disinterest zone. The key to progress is often laying in the disinterest zone.
What lies here isn't painful or particularly hard. But it's really fucking dull. It feel meaningless. Sterile. Exploring this zone doesn't requires willpower of passion.
No matter how passionate you're about a topic, there are plenty of really boring concepts that nobody wants to touch. They are long and complex. No one wants to read about them.

And yet, such concepts are often what make all the difference. Between remarkable, valuable and average. The make your work shine and be different. You'll find insights that will make people call you a genius.

So how to push yourself to explore that zone?
Sadly, the only answer is to be bored. Not passion or energy. The dreadful feeling that comes from being bored makes everything else looks awesome in comparison. Only this can make you interested in exploring those concepts.

You have felt this before, in the form of procrastination. You claim to have no energy or motivation, yet spend 12 hours researching porn or playing videogames. The extreme urge to procrastinate is proof of all the potential you have to escape boredom. It's just that you have to focus it in your craft instead of consuming entertainment.
Probably you remember being in the shower, queuing in the doctor's office, in a traffic jam or some other such boring place. And then suddenly you're struck by inspiration. You get this really neat idea out of nowhere. That's your brain struggling to escape. That's what you need to grasp.
And one last thing about boredom. It is the cure for anxiety and fear. You cannot be bored and scared at the same time. It will inoculate you from the fear of failure or success. You'll crave any outcome instead of remaining in your shitty situation.
A moment of pain is an easy trade off to not waste 15 minutes. Boredom would take no part in that decision.

/3/ might actually un-NEET me
Nope. It's just not rational to prefer getting hurt over not getting hurt just to avoid absolutely nothing.
It's to avoid wasting 15 minutes. Maybe your time isn't valuable but that doesn't apply to everybody else. On the other hand, i deal with pain regularly; it's nothing new to me. It would barely weigh into that decision.I'd rather feel that bit of extra pain and read for an extra 15 minutes before sleeping that night.
I also deal with boredom on a regular basis; also nothing new to me.
Maybe for some primitive animal acting on instinct it's not rational to prefer being hurt over 'avoiding nothing'. But humans don't have the luxury of living that lifestyle.
That's precisely the point. It's mentally preferable to experience pain and misery than the nihilism of boredom. For OP, it's easier not to practice the craft and destroy his life than to practice and do and spend hours doing boring meaningless tasks. It's easier to feel pain than boredom.

>Maybe your time isn't valuable but that doesn't apply to everybody else.
That's the same excuse for avoiding the GYM, or a visit to the doctor or learning a new language. Time. It's why people stay in shitty or deadly relationships. Time invested. Learning takes too much time. It's easier to be stupid and suffer than to drown in boring books.
Boredom can push you to try to do all those tasks. Pain doesn't.

>I also deal with boredom on a regular basis; also nothing new to me.
There are clearly levels to this. People have hallucinations in sensory deprivation tanks. It's just not the same as sitting in an office twiddling your thumbs. Like the "Vision quest" from the Indians, people who craved illumination would isolate themselves in caves away from everything, for days, until their minds started to create new meanings. How long can a modern NEET 4chhaner survive without internet? Without technology?

OP is already miserable enough. More pain isn't going to change that. Being in a vacuum with himself alone might.
> It's mentally preferable to experience pain and misery than the nihilism of boredom

it has nothing to do with boredom. What don't you understand here? Boredom has nothing to do with no wanting to waste 15 minutes. I can spend 15 minutes doing nothing and not feel bored, but it's still 15 minutes wasted for no reason.
>for no reason
That's what I'm talking about here. For no reason. Nihilistic. Meaningless. You say that anything that doesn't benefit you in some way is an absurd waste.

Take OP. When he gets home, there is TV and internet. It makes sense rationally and emotionally to do those activities because they feel good. There is just no reason to practice his craft.
Like eating healthier. Why have a shitty boring salad when you can have a hamburger? There is no reason to waste a meal eating lettuce. Each meal that you didn't enjoy is a waste of time.

You could try the argument that it will benefit you in the future, but since we can die at any minute of the day, there is no point in putting off pleasure for later, right?

Wasting present time for a better future is absurd. Stupid. That's what I'm getting at. There is no rational reason to do it since death is so sudden. And yet, since we might live a full life, it just preferable to waste present time because it will bring great benefits to that imaginary person that doesn't exist yet (future self).

Going to the GYM daily, learning obstruce technical details, turning off the TV. It feels like such and absurd and meaningless waste compared to modern instant gratification. But it's better. Embracing boredom is embracing that absurdity.
File: The_3a717c_2111195.jpg (45 KB, 604x387)
45 KB
This image will make it more clear. There is just no reason to do boring meaningless tasks like homework or 3D practice when you can watch youtube or play videogames. It's absurd. The future is mere fiction. You're sacrificing your present pleasure for something that doesn't exists. It's meaningless.

But if you accept this meaninglessness (boredom) you can change your life to whatever you want it to be.
What about someone in the 3d industry who also wants to do 3d in his spare time? I'm in the movie industry and it's super hard to come home and start doing what I've been doing all day. My friends will wanna play videogames or my gf will wanna hang out or I'll wanna go to the gym. I also get home late since i work overtime every day
Why are you using OP to argue against what i've said? of course TV and internet are less likely to benefit oneself. You use going to the gym as an example of good productivity. Why would i sit around doing nothing for 15 minutes when i can go to the gym, or work on a project for 15 more minutes? These are beneficial to my life in many ways beyond mindless entertainment.
if somebody says "You can sit here and waste 15 minutes or be painfully shocked then get back to bettering yourself." It has nothing to do with avoiding boredom.
You're insisting that i'm choosing "instant gratification" over wasting 15 minutes.
How about addressing my argument instead of assuming i'm OP, and stop conflating boredom with wasting time.
>What? Dude, there are so man jobs and will only be more.
Is this true? I live in a small town in a low population country and I can't find any 3D modelling jobs. Where do you look for small time stuff that doesn't require a ton of experience? I honestly would take anything, I'm pretty comfy money wise but have a lot of free time.
>You can sit here and waste 15 minutes or be painfully shocked then get back to bettering yourself

Though I think there's two different arguments going on in this thread. One is trying to define exactly what "boredom" is, and another arguing that people would rather be bored than be in pain.

To the first one, boredom doesn't necessarily correspond with doing nothing. You aren't browsing the internet instead of practicing 3D because you're bored. It certainly isn't a meaningless activity, because there is a reason and meaning behind it.
You're browsing the internet and "wasting time" because it's much easier to do that than to practice 3D, and you get a much more immediate gratification from doing so. I'm doing it right now by writing this post instead of practicing.
It's the pursuit of instant pleasure and satisfaction, and ignoring the long grind it would take to get a much larger amount of satisfaction from 3D or anything else really because of the pain and energy expended along the way.

To the second argument, see the video. Also the second argument is under the assumption that wasting time on the internet = being bored, which isn't necessarily true.

Excuse my armchair philosophy, but are you trying to argue existentialism?

Not necessarily nihilism, because there is no end to the meaninglessness brought from nihilism. Nothing has any meaning because there is no value to anything.
You're arguing for a purpose forged *because* of meaninglessness, which if we're talking nihilism, there is no purpose in the first place to be made, because nihilism rejects the concept that anything can have any purpose.

Why though would you believe that once someone comes to the conclusion that nothing matters, would they head in the direction of doing something "productive"?
What do you think is stopping someone from going the other way entirely, and pursuing pleasure instead of pain through productivity?

you are seeing some extra negativity due to browsing /3/ too much I think. here is my point of view (I work in LA)

>Job prospects are shit
this really depends. if you are ACTUALLY decent, you can do fine even in an oversaturated specialty.

>salaries are low
it depends what you define as "low." you can easily make above average US salary. as a mid-level animator freelancing you can be doing like, 50 an hour.

>It seems like the only true way today is to go into programming
I mean, it's definitely more stable, just like rigging is more and in demand than say becoming a modeler, but why even do it then if you're going to go insane?
That video is total bullshit. "When the only two options are boredom or total shock..."
Are they too stupid to entertain themselves without external stimuli? Can they not find anything to simply sit and think about to avoid boredom?
I don't know why you're responding to my post with this rubbish.
Again, why do you conflate wasting of time and boredom, as that video does? For example, I visit the hospital monthly to receive an infusion. I spend at least 2 hours simply waiting around for people to get their shit together. This is an unavoidable part of the process and i'm perfectly happy to sit their as necessary and wait, and will do so without feeling boredom. Obviously given the choice i would choose to feel some pain and leave rather than wait. Again, boredom doesn't factor into that decision.
Move to germany and study some media degree bullshit like online journalism(Its literally studying facebook) in a muslim infested area like frankfurt main. U will only need to be in university 1 day per week. And u get ur grades without any tests u just need to do a stupid university project that u can do on that one day with ur semi retarded muslim group members.

t. knowing sad german.
>I have been learning 3D for the past month and I already got depressed and can't see the point anymore.

lol, that's cute. you should quit it.
a month is nothing. if you are not into it with your heart and soul, this kind of job will eat you alive.
though you dont really deserve advice at this point, your response spoke for itself. eat shit and die, you whiny faggot.
File: C3hFJOtWQAEBsJo.jpg (117 KB, 1200x912)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
try to make one prop a month and put it on artstation. Every month make something better than the last but be sure to get it done. Watch "Latest" on artstation and see loads of plebs trying to make it too.
keep trying.

a month? pfff. that's fucking nothing. i know people who have been doing it since the 90s. the industry is not made for people who give up so easily. it's harsh but it's true. pick something you are truly deeply passionate about. don't pick something to make money. or do. i don't care: every non-creative job is gonna be outsourced or automated in a few years. you're better off investing in dogecoin, anon.
It's easy to say that if you have some sort of income, but I can't justify spending 10 hours a day on this even if I love it, if I can't sustain myself with it. There are literally 3 (small) VFX studios in my whole country and neither one of them is hiring. This will certainly become one of my hobbies because I enjoy it, but I have to be realistic about everything. I need to have a fallback option or I will probably regret it one day.
This is some Homer Simpson shit if I've ever seen it.
Move to NA
Take it from me, do art as a hobby and go study something like CS and math.

That way you can tell computers to automate shit for you, steal money and spy on people.

Hell you could make a shitty game too.
>tfw studied digital media and had half of both

Jack of all trades is my name famalams. (Master of none atm, but I'm finding my focus). At least I have enough experience to get some job in IT if everything else fails.
Am 19 year old, and I feel that I can do it into the industry. I can also still go study anything else.
Should I stick to 3D ?
Life goals are own studio ofc
Would be happy working 4-7 hours a day in 3D Asset creation related job.

Should I drop it and do it as a hobby ?
And go somewhere learn something like programming ? Dont want to that much , tho.
And I know that Im going to hate studying it , but later job will be good.
You can learn it as a hobby or as a job if you love it.

It's something you should only do professionally if you love it, because it takes a passion to succeed, and the pay isn't the best (it isn't bad though, but you won't really be making bank for your efforts).

Whether you choose to do it as a job or as a hobby, I would join a community that includes 3d professionals, and ask people for career/life advice pertaining to this (don't forget to show them your portfolio).
The only way to make it in cg is to get really fucking good.

The only way to get really fucking good is to do it nonstop.

The only way to do it nonstop is to love it.

If you expect to hate it ever you should rethink your choice now. This is not a /comfy/ life it is a life for people who love it too much to quit.
File: this is what boys want.jpg (256 KB, 1821x2049)
256 KB
256 KB JPG

The Anon from the porn thread here who takes advantage of furries and rips assets.

A lot of talk of "Git Gud" here that is good for inhouse/industry comparisons but, by far and large, redundant for money.

>B-but it's muh d-drea-

I had a dream of slamming your mom, does it mean it'll come true? Probably. Your dream? No.

It's been noted here that you can't rely on "git gud" to pay the bills. Until you're "gud" you're worth one thing; shit.

Yep, you're shit.

If you're not making money off these, even a supplemental income, then you need to seriously reassess just where you stand.

Shad makes money, furries make money, porn makes money; are you willing to do what it takes, to put aside your ego and pride, to really do what it takes, to make your """3DreamZ pty. ltd. tm.""" a reality?

If you are able to work a job to support yourself (even though it burns you out), and/or study
>don't pay educational facilities money to learn by the way, they're more for networking, polishing your "natural flavoured talent", grinding hardcore, and getting that piece of paper proof that you're not a pos. It's literally 2017.
WHILE AT THE SAME TIME you manage to squeeze in an hour of working on your bloodelf sucking off a Minotaur while you simultaneously pinch off a shit, guess what, YOU MIGHT JUST HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT!


Burn that in to your DSM V spectrum riddled brain.

Minimum Viable Product.

Not your personal goals, not your ideals and aspirations, not wanting to be the very best that no one ever was.


Someone mention boredom. It's true. It's you body saying like in Madeline "Something is not right!". BUT it's also your brain re configuring/defraging. So being bored CAN be inwardly productive, just not outwardly.

>Aw you're mean, how would you kno-

Read the other thread I TEACH for a living. Involves Developmental Psychology, Pedagogy, etc.
File: my gf.gif (1.44 MB, 500x280)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF
My point is THIS.

Who gives a shit what happens ten years in the future? Are you saying that you haven't future proofed yourself by that stage with your "Fuck You Money"?

That ten years in the "inderpstry" WON'T have given you big fat contacts and contracts?

How many CTO do you think care what they did ten years ago, or what the next ten years hold? THEY THINK ABOUT THE NOW
I have an old crusty bitch (she's such a sweetie though) who does our front desk shit. She learned on a TYPEWRITER but her skills could transfer with as little as a 45 minute YouTube video.

>Why are you yel-
SHUT UP CIS-GENDERED POS, ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! (I'm mixed race and don't identify on my government paperwork whilst I jerk off to peroxide blond bimbos getting dominated in MAGA hats btw)

Work smart AND hard, better still, GET SOMEONE TO DO IT ON FIVR FOR A ONE OFF PAYMENT then use that thereafter! It's legally yours to do with as you will!

My point is this.


That's all this game is.

I'm shit. Still am. But I marketed the crap out of myself locally, white lied everywhere until it looked like an epistemological bukkake, AND I FUCKING DELIVERED THE GOODS I WAS PAID TO ON TIME EVERY TIME.

Look at a great video called "Fuck You, Pay Me". That's it. Don't need four years of ZBrush or Substance Painter. That lecture will set you up to go out and smash it IF YOU WANT TO!

No legion of Nubian Sandcastle Appreciation and AID Support Network can make you do anything. DO YOU WANT IT?


I'm going to rip a joint and go sell my disgustingly overpriced """VR Architectural Tour""" to some people now. It's literally a Samsung using split-screen "3D", chromatic abrasion and some "indie" cardboard cutout aesthetics. You can do it too.

No need to talk like a degenerate teenager. Now I can't take you seriously.

Anyway, too much talk and you didn't say much.
i get that you're trying to be motivational and you've got good intentions, but that was probably the cheesiest shit i've ever read on this website.
peptalks in that format don't really translate too well over text.

you guys are fucking retards
only proves the point that this is a desolate shithole.
if you want to make it, then move your ass and do something about it
that hair is fabulous
Hairline looks like shit, though.

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