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Are there any good schools/places to learn 3D modeling from? I've looked around my state for modeling courses but there don't really seem to be any, and trying to learn through books and online tutorials is rather difficult; even if you follow along with instructions exactly, something inevitably goes wrong, and without an instructor you tend to just hit a wall and can't make any progress.

It's not like drawing or picking up an instrument where it's relatively easy to pick up and start learning; the barrier to entry with 3D modeling is massive.
Online would probably be your best bet. Or moving.
>the barrier to entry with 3D modeling is massive
No it isn't, hit up cgpeers and start torrenting intro tutorials from gnomon/digital tutors/etc. Or if you're not into pirating, at least look up content on youtube. The Chamferzone grenade tutorial is a great introduction to current-gen modeling for complete noobs and it's how I got started.

As for things fucking up, join a 3d modeling discord, or post on polycount whenever you need advice. Unless you go to a very good school, chances are you'll get better feedback from idle professionals and students dedicated enough to go online, than you will from the ignorant fucks who attend your average game school.
Literally Gnomon or don't bother. Whether they're the best school in terms of the quality of what's taught is debatable, but what's not debatable is that they'll get you the contacts you need to get a job
wtf are you on about, if you hit a roadblock just google or ask here. online is fine.
There's no need to go to college if you're an absolute beginner. It would be a waste of time unless you live in europe and it's free or whatever.

>even if you follow along with instructions exactly, something inevitably goes wrong, and without an instructor you tend to just hit a wall and can't make any progress.
This should be a good thing. Treat it as a learning opportunity, not a "wall". Google the problem and learn how to fix it, and you won't run into that problem in the future. There's no wall to hit.

You have the entirety of the publicized human understanding of this subject available to you on the internet. There is no excuse.
Address of your forum: http://doremecute.artfbb.ru/
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>tfw you will never go to gnomon to learn from the best
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how the fuck do people pay for this shit and not end up in debt for the rest of their lives

this isn't even considering the 40k/yr it takes just to live in hollywood.
It's simple. You have rich parents.

I would do cgma courses. Just take intro to substance, intro to environment and UE4 modular.


The problem with Gnomon is that they aren't the best. For example, who there is better than Andres Rodrigues?

I think online courses offer better options. Like no one in gnomon is better than Scott Eaton at anatomy.
Grant Warwick
Look at how others work and learn from it; how they position verts / create geometry etc.
tbf idk any of those names anyway, just watched gnomons promo video and it looked very nice.

What you have to take into consideration tho is the effect your evnironment has on your progress as well. You're gonna learn a shitload more when you're in an environment specifically created for your learning experience, with like minded peers who all study the same thing.

If your interested watch this

Again, I learned a lot from the course. If I had a problem would just make a post and it was normally answered within the day.

I feel your not gonna make it to be honest. If you really need the right conditions to make progress, then you are doing stuff that is really stupid.

Turn off the internet if you do not need that on. Time everytime your not doing physical work and just procrastinating.

Procrastination can be fixed. Just have to say STOP in your mind and refocus. If you keep on doing this you will stop procrastinating.
>without an instructor you tend to just hit a wall and can't make any progress

really? i never had an instructor and i barely watch tutorials. 90% of what i know i learned just by fucking around or by looking at other people's work. i've always watched tutorials just to see if i'm not missing anything big, not to actually follow every button press like a dope.

when you're confused you're supposed to look at the tools available to you and start experimenting until you figure it out. if lack of instructions just makes you stuck forever your problem might be lack of general computer literacy.

i'm from the generation that learned this shit in order to mod videogames. our "tutorial" was a post on a forum. now you have seven million detailed videos on everything and you can't learn shit? man the fuck up.
Idk where this is all coming from. Projection?

I just wanted to make the point that a proper study environment is not to be underestimated.

Also if I had known about gnomon or 3D 8 years ago I might have tried to go that route instead of discovering 3D through architecture.
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What are the best tutorials I can download to help me not be a retard in 3DS Max? I know nothing.
open your 3ds max. press F1 for thr best tutorial for beginners
Why are CGpeers registrations not open today? I was really looking forward to it because I can't find good tutorials on youtube anymore.
3D Buzz

It's free
> hit up cgpeers
that could possibly be good advice except I haven't seen CGPeers be open for registration even once this year.
> the first time I heard about cgpeers was a day it was opened and I got the account with no problem

Feels good. Well, half good actually. I can't seems to remember again my password to log in another computer and they never allow to retrieve it except the 1st and 15th as well.

this >>559660 is absolutly right

I've met a lot of students from Gnomon. I've met a lot os students from Think Tank Center. ALL of them have rich parents.

These schools are very good indeed, dont't get me wrong. But the costs are VERY hard.

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