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File: zzzz.jpg (126 KB, 1280x667)
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so I'm doing Character In zbrush, this is first which I'm doing from top to bottom. and I want to animate it at the end. I'm doing all modeling work in zbrush and Retopo in 3d coat, I also can use maya if I'll need in anything.
the question is how do I unify the mesh? for example (Pic related), I made this kneepad, which consists of several pieces(subtools), I'll combine them as one piece, but won't it kinda get fucked when animating? should I stitch the whole kneepad?

PS: this is the shit you have to deal when you, learn by yourself...
File: zzzz1.jpg (86 KB, 848x620)
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the back side
you don't need to unify anything until the retopology phase.

when you are done with retopology merge all the lowpoly details and keep subtools separate then bake
I've kinda almost done retopo on this part already,

so I should just merge all this, and then bake? and won't it be hard to rig?
or should I retopo all these parts as one mesh?

PS. thank you, for answering, man/lady !
File: z_1.jpg (72 KB, 978x768)
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forgot the picture
for the bake you should do 2 things

keep the highpoly parts separate
make the lowpoly mesh merged with UV's. make sure both have smooth normals
if you do it in xnormal its pretty easy to understand.
but you do have an option to merge subtools if you really need to, just scroll down
also i recommend exporting your meshes from maya/blender. not from zbrush.

so export from zbrush to maya then from maya export as .obj to xnormal
I did not knew that I should smooth High poly too.. TNX
soo and I must explode high poly, yeah?
also, I have not used Xnormal yet, won't marmoset 3 be able to bake? I've done baking with that at some level,

PS: thank you big tme, you've helped a lot !!!
marmoset should be able to bake, the thing is i never used marmoset before.

hmm i don't think you need to explode the model because you are keeping the highpoly separate. but if you get any kind of artifacts try to explode it
oh.. when you said to keep high polys separate, I thought you were saying to explode them.
I get it, I'm not merging high polys. TY

If the low poly will be one consistent piece then you should dynamesh these things together in a duplicated subtool.
wut. i always bake with my highpoly seperate with full detail. you just have to export polygroups with both .obj's.
File: Educate-Me,Please.png (982 KB, 2230x760)
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982 KB PNG
I have one more Question, It's about Smoothing the mesh in maya and then exporting.

1. version is I export OBJ. and it's kinda smoothed(?) it looks jaggy though,
2. version is to apply Somooth mesh Preview to pollygons, wich makes mesh dense. I can use this for baking, and then use baked textures for mesh before subdivision.

I'm lost tell me the correct way )))
thank you forhelping me, again

PS: there are so many shitty obstacles when you are teaching by yourself... but I really don't have other chance...
if your subdivision on level 1 or 2 looks better i suggest you use it, if its subdivided after the UV's are made then you are good to go
File: Zxr.jpg (43 KB, 785x702)
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So I'm getting these artifacts when Rendering, If I tone down bump scale lower than 0,5 it dissapears, but then it loses all detail

oh and Is it necessary to Smooth hight poly mesh too, for baking? what's the point?
>oh and Is it necessary to Smooth hight poly mesh too, for baking? what's the point?

yes absolutely. the highpoly mesh is projected onto the lowpoly mesh like a picture that's projected on a wall.

there are few things you can do

>lower ray distance to below 0.5
>when exporting both .obj's make sure polygroups are exported. its in the exporting options. this lets the baker project each poly group separately as if you exploded the mesh
>make sure the texture is high resolution. some times jagged edges can simply mean that your texture size is not enough. or your UV island are too small.
TY, you're being very very helpfull
Why not just bake in Substance? I personally like the method better than a lot of the older ways.
IDK, I'm not familiar with Substance yet. I wasusin Quixel, and for this project I'm going to do handpaint textures, so IDK which software I'm going to use at the end. I'm thinking about 3d coat. I'm gonna research which is the best soft for haindpainting before I start texturing, and as modeling goes it's almost done, just arm guard and weapon left, oh and maybe I'll rework robot leg... I waskinda thinking that weapon could detach from prostetic leg, It'll be cool to animate that

I'm kinda stuck for now anyway. gotta do work projects :/ deadlines are coming close
File: Mammoth.png (90 KB, 1190x990)
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How do I delete the vertices that aren't visible without the model becoming distorted? I've tried selecting the outer vertices, hiding them, selecting what's left and deleting that then unhiding the rest. But that's not working.
>selecting what's left and deleting that then unhiding the rest. But that's not working.

try this
>without the model becoming distorted?
dissolve. not delete
File: Mammoth 2.png (40 KB, 605x950)
40 KB
I tried this and it still get's disconnected, pic related.
Would you mind telling me how you got that page up? I'm still a newb with the controls.
then you should only delete loops, not verts
File: Geisha Ocacia.jpg (126 KB, 1280x477)
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126 KB JPG
Why is it that SO GODDAMN MANY 3D artists that do machinery and such come from former Soviet countries? It seems that 90% of the art I see that I like is made by somebody with a Slavic surname. I legitimately don't get it - it feels like some subconscious racial trait that they're all into mechs and machines.
Its cultural. Slavs where always good with
science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Which is i think related to their educational system.

video totally related.

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