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Hey /3/ how do you make your faces?
Do you start with the mouth, the eyes, maybe a plane which you cut and shape like some kindergarten art period?

I'm completely new to 3D. This is the most daunting shit ever, because how you start your model will dictate how it will look in the end.

Post faces, tips, and other shit.
I always start with a cylinder over the right eye. Easiest edge loop ever.
for the eye I just make a circle->extrude->scale up
>Find a face model that I like
>Tweak until I'm satisfied

There are literally thousands of face models that you can download. No need to reinvent the wheel.
But I want to "reinvent the wheel", as you put it.
Retopo is too easy to do, and makes me feel like I'm not accomplishing anything.
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using three vertices, usually
>not generating 4 vertices in 1 action
You are pathetic and completely devoid of creativity.

If you ask any professional chef about the idea of working with a spongecake, they will groan in displeasure. You can never truly flesh out your creativity if you're just reworking something that's already been made.
Hey OP, start by studyng the human skull, and then the eyes, mouth, lips, ears, nose, neck, and so on. This is very important before you beging moddeling somehing like human anatomy.

Youve got to know, the differences betweens man and woman. Talking about the skull, and not about genitalia. And then, youve got to know the planifications of the faces, and then how to create it.

3d modeling is more than just copying your reference. Its about knowlegde aswell, and people seens to forgot about this very easy...
Good tips. Thanks anon. Will scour the internet for lessons on anatomical structures of heads for both men and women.

I'm just really eager to get started.

No problem. Remenber to not have ansiety to finish your model, because ansiety leads you to make things faster, and being faster means that youre going to make a bad and unfinished looking model.

Be calm. Learn human anatomy, then practice. Good references makes good models. Bad references leads you to bad model.

Keep training your eyes spoting erros at someone else work. When you study anatomy, try to see these erros, you will know how and where to spot, since you studied anatomy.

Basically, in the end theres 3 stuff:

Dont work with ansiety, dont be fast. Be calm and slow.
Study anatomy, so with that knowledge you will be able even to mimic somehing real into a creature or a fantasy character.
Try to spot errors, dont let your eyes see only good stuff of a model. 95% of the time youve got to keep looking and looking for something thar is bad or not working.

Thats an overall point of view if you wanr to at least be a good 3d modeler. Study and training
For good mesh, start with complex and proceed to simple. Start with ear and proceed to cheek, not the other way around.
Seems I'll have to actually take some notes about anatomy here. The differences in male and female skulls are so subtle.

Is there a particular reason to start with the ear and continue from there? I would assume starting with the simpler features would be better.

Indeed it is sublte. Acually sometimes you cant even notice a diference, only if you have a good trained eye. But believe me, its small changes like these that makss the real difference.

Thats why sometimes you see people modeling a woman looking like a man. You dont know where is the error is but you do know thats somethings wrong and that the modeller is still an amateur
there are a lot of different ways to do it. most extrusion modeling i've seen starts with the eye socket and moves outward since it sets you up for good topology from the start.

I think most professionals these days are starting with some base mesh and then sculpting to get what they want, but I never had enough coordination to sculpt anything that didn't turn out like shit.

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