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HI 3/
I don't come here often but now I'm looking for a little help or info. Hoping this is the right board

I'm about to publish a website. Which i need to fill with images of well decorated living rooms, kitchen etc. with wooden furniture and good design

How hard is it to create a photo-realistic image of a design, furniture or a furnished room?
(something like this photo)

I haven't found a lot of info on this, so i was hoping someone could share their experience, give some tips or point me in the right direction.

Also post your work here if you want to share something of this sort

>how to a photo-realistic image of a design-furniture. like the image
Will one with little to no experience achieve this in blender?

most of the things are square furniture, boxes shelves so it shouldn't take much to make the models them self.

I'm a bit curious on the "how to make it look realistic" step.

I know that many furniture designers and salesmen artificially make up photos or samples of their work.

Anyone done anything like this?
you need to know how to use portals + hdri lightning + composition. and most importantly have good set of shaders ready to go.
for blender i would recommend http://3dwolf.weebly.com/materials.html

you have to keep in mind however, there is lot of trial and error involved in this. for example it took me fairly long time to get an interior right. if you want to do it real quick just get a poligon account/subscribtion and start filling out rooms.
you can use archimesh(plugin) to block out the rooms themselves.

some of the shit is free, some isn't. if you are not experienced with either substance designer or cycles textures just use poligon or textures.com
hdri is easy to get, so overall you can sort of do this for free as long as you know what to do.
also very important to mention.
if you have abit of extra change and don't mind spending money in this process get material vault. its creates material+texture in a second and its very realistic as well.

It's not that hard IF you know what you're doing.
If you don't, it's pretty hard.

thank you guys
It would really come down to textures unless you have complicated geometry like twisting whacky lamps or really elegant chandeliers. In which case you will need to aquire more experience in 3d.
k. yeah its realy basic furniture that i have in mind.

basic square shelves
mostly square.

the thing which might be the most difficult is getting the texture look legit.
Most of the wood textures for blender are wooden floor and wouldn't fit on furniture.

Has anyone tried taking a photo and making texture them self?
I assume you would need proper camera and lightning, and not just Samsung S.

whould photoshos lighting setting work better on a 3d model from blender? or any other 3d program?

What would people recommend as a program. Which is the easiest to get into and use
so you never really used a 3d package and want to make good interiors already?

just download all the assets if that's the case
can't say i kown much about blender tried to learn the basics a few years ago. i have used photoshop a bit more.
And found a tutorial on how to import google sketchup models into blender. Thats the program I've used the most

This type of work in Blender is not common? Or these questions dont get asked a lot?

If you guys who are advanced in Blender and 3d rendering could easily sell these types of services to tradesmen.

No one can afford to build a house just to advertise :)
>If you guys who are advanced in Blender and 3d rendering could easily sell these types of services to tradesmen.
there are people that do this longer and better than me.
3D covers many aspects. you need to be entirely focused on rendering to succeed at it
>This type of work in Blender is not common? Or these questions dont get asked a lot?
blender is not common for archviz. but there are artists that use it professionally for that purpose.
>No one can afford to build a house just to advertise :)
its work, if you have the time to really study 3D and practice then go for it. if you don't have that time then just have someone to do it for you.
blender guru would be a good starting point for archviz. but learn the absolute basics first
do archviz folks usually make their own furniture and such models?
We buy assets

That's why all Archviz has that same fucking lounge chair that looks really great tho
The vast majority don't, but some of the best ones (Bertrand Benoit being the prime example) model all of their assets themselves.
thanks friends. What are some popular places to purchase assets out of curiosity?

thank you for the good tips. appreciate this.
File: 32118301000_73e5766790_h.jpg (456 KB, 1600x1600)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
so that i understand more,
Could this be a 3D model or a Photoshop job?
i mean with this high texture, or photo realism?
I'm not sure what to call it.

the image is from Bertrand Benoit blog named Oscar
What do you mean a with a photoshop job? That's a 3D render, made out of several 3D models that all have been textured and lit. Then there's some photoshop post processing on top of it.

You can buy assets everywhere. Try turbosquid or evermotion.
i was wondering if one would make this image of the chair in Blender or just in Photoshop.
but thanks for the two sources, turbosquid looks like the thing!
what do you search for to get more of these pages?
Well if you were a master painter, you could paint it in Photoshop.
Just search google search 3D model following by what you're looking for.
In all seriousness though - why not just pay a professional to do this? I highly doubt you will get good results unless you fully commit to this for at least a couple of weeks.

tnx. would pay one if i had the money. but since its not that much work now, its worth it trying on my own.

Also do you know anyone who does these things?
A 3D designer or a graphical designer?
Lol i don't even know the name of the trade
As Bertrand points out in his blog post, he modeled the chair in 3ds Max and rendered it using Octane render.

Like most of his models, this one is available at Turbosquid: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-sergio-chair-model/1115891?referral=BBB3viz

right, tnx. Didn't get the description to the image
Well, it still is quite a lot of work. Buying the assets costs money, learning how to model, texture and light a scene takes time, 3D software is expensive (unless you're using Blender) and I'd guess you're not a great artist with a limited knowledge of composition, color theory etc.

You're looking for a 3D artist, and more specifically an archviz 3D artist.

If you want to try it out, go ahead, but don't expect it to look very good in the beginning.
Hey OP, do you have reference images you're required to model? Care to post some? I've been dabbling in photoreal furniture/architecture as well recently and wanna take a stab at whatever you're needing to do
yeah i see that. a good option is the 3d models one can buy
i don't have any thing specific that i designed on this computer, but ill try to get hold of some.

its mainly images depicting customized shelves, wardrobes and kitchen fronts.

the occasional single furniture too.
File: 02.jpg (225 KB, 1000x1338)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
here are a few

bad quality on this first one. taken with mobile
File: IMG_5704.jpg (132 KB, 1000x666)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
File: IMG_5708.jpg (89 KB, 1000x666)
89 KB

the idea with these is to change wall color, or the other furniture to change it so it doenst look like the same room.

This stuff I've made but cant advertise with because it has been done trough an old job.
File: IMG_5720.jpg (151 KB, 1000x1500)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>yeah i see that. a good option is the 3d models one can buy
Yes, but the models will only take you so far. You still need to put it all together, light it, make everything match and do the post processing work.
What are you doing anyways OP? Advertising.. what? On your site? Are you working for someone or is this your business?
I and a friend is doing a joinery/ woodworkshop. And we need to advertise. A professional webpage is essential for getting the good customers.

Right now we're pretty much out of work and out of money. So we need to do something. Hopefully, i will be able to make a nice webpage, and marketing.

After I've made some good looking archviz i will go on making a logo and a van sign/decor :)
I don't know if it's past you caring about this but I wouldn't mind having a crack at some models or having an input on the materials. I'm not interested in money at the moment because I could do with some straightforward projects to get the ball rolling again.
Can anybody give me some tips on how to create a realistic looking glass for windows, doors and such? I've been following various tutorials but it doesn't look right and it seems that it doesn't have enough reflection, even though I set it to max and turn on fresnel reflections. Btw, I'm using Vray.
Fresnel is turned on by default in VRay, so you shouldnt have to manually activate it.

The easiest way to make almost any material look more realistic is to introduce variation in various areas. In the case of glass (whihc, when fully refractive, has no diffuse color), that means mostly bump and glossiness. Think about adding some fingerprints, smudges, scratches and maybe even raindrops (decent tutorial: http://www.ronenbekerman.com/3d-water-drops-by-bertrand-benoit/).

If you're willing to put in some extra effort, change up the UVs so that both sides of the pane are different. For windows, you may want to try using two panes of glass instead of just one to get that double glazed effect. Make sure you increase the max reflection depth if you do that, though.
When doing arch viz, how good does the render have to be before it goes into photoshop? maybe I'm trying to achieve things I should be doing in PS instead. are there some good articles about the whole process?

That's up to you. There arent that many things that absolutely have to be done in post. In many cases people just do most of the work in the program they are more comfrotable with. Some people go light in the modeling, shading and lighting and then "fake" it all with 100+ adjustment layers in photoshop, while others do 99% of the work in the 3D package/renderer and only use photoshop for tone mapping.

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