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How to rig properly, when model consists of multiple, not connected meshes? How is it done in the industry?

Here I have a model with suit (2 meshes), shirt, head and legs being separate meshes. Should I just redistribute weights in some clever way, or should I somehow connect these meshes/do whatever magic there is possible that I don't know of?
the weights should affect all areas below and above.

if you are having trouble with painting them just move the meshes you don't wanna see to a different layer then bring them back
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Thanks, I'm doing that and it seems fine.

But how about thinks like picrel? I have placed full weight on the foot and the leg, and leg seems to rotate with less degree, especially it's bottom, while it's weight is full. Do I fix this with bone constraints, or this shows there's something wrong with the model?

nvm, got it. Other bone was also influencing the pants. I thought I checked it all, but I didn't.
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I just wanted to share this

"Ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar's shoe looks like? WELL BAM!"
Ayyy you're from Bioware, right?
If you have a body mesh, and a clothes mesh very close to the surface of the body, unless the verts align 1-1 you will never be able to rig it without clipping. Industry standard is to delete the parts of the body that are hidden by clothes.
Or in some cases to make the geometry invisible.
Jfc how many boards do you fuckin surf man?
More like swap geometry.
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A lot
Isn't that the C4D primitive guy?
Me too man...

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