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What do you all think of this thing? Basically a tabet strong enough to handle 3D software. I would not render on it, but it's good enough to do some modeling and drawing, right?

Are there any cheaper alternatives?

I'm looking for a mobile solution where I can do some modeling with 3dsmax, Rhino & Grasshopper, and also draw things or edit screenshots / renders in Photoshop. I'm still in uni so I'm doing a lot of different tasks and studios, but I dont want to carry around my huge ass laptop everywhere. I also have a proper workstation at home. But this thing seems nice to do some work on the fly, in between classes without needing a mouse, on holiday, on the train etc..

Anyone used one of these and can share their experiene?
Depends. I got a Cintiq 22HD and have regretted it. Screen turns on but the pen isn't detected at all and the software says no tablet is detected on the system. I tried on 3 different computers with windows 7, 8, and 10. Tried old and new drivers and still doesn't work.

I'm out of $1,100 and just got a really expensive monitor. The one you listed might work better since it's a tablet PC with a digitizer and stylus but there is a chance the driver might not work too. It's been a problem with all Wacom tablets apparently. Wish I was one of the lucky ones that had a working product.
yeah I've heard about driver issues... but I figured since this was a standalone tablet, it's a different thing.

Cant you return it tho?
>Worth it?

No. I like Wacom's stuff but I wouldn't put my money anywhere near this thing. You're basically buying a Surface Pro with a mobile Quadro on it, for a very, VERY hefty premium (ECC VRAM is about as expensive as memory gets), when the modern i5/i7 these things usually pack can handle 3D-related workloads and Photoshop perfectly well.


I don't have necessarily a *better* recommendation for you because of storage concerns, but a vastly cheaper one would be to customize one of these to your liking. The build quality is very rugged, it comes with the pen for the drawing workflows, display port on the side for presentations, and the i5-6500u on this thing can turbo-boost like a champ while still remaining reasonably cool at around 75-77 degrees peak.

The sweet spot for me would be the i5 with 8 gigs of ram config. That is a much more affordable 1k dollars, though it depends if you want extra storage. Essentially though, this thing is what you were looking at with a skylake instead of a (probably) kaby lake and sans quadro, except the jump in processor generations gain virtually no appreciable performance gains and it's fairly questionable whether you'd put that quadro through its paces enough to justify the massive price hop.
One thing if you consider one of those though: get the amount of ram you need right up front, because you can't upgrade it later. 8 gigs is perfectly fine and what you should aim for, 16 gigs is really too much but it's not that much more expensive, and it's better to have more than have less in the end. 4 gigs is a garbage amount for anything nowadays, don't bother with that.
Thanks for your input.

Storage isn't really a problem since I store most of my shit in Dropbox anyway or move it to my workstation later.
The surface pro is indeed looking very good.

I absolutely need 16gigs of ram tho. I do some experimental stuff with grasshopper, and I've had a few situations where even 16gigs was not enough. My PC at home has 32 and a model I was working on recently used up to 22 gigs. It was not in any way optimised and was basically a giant mesh with 5mil polygons and Blender handlet it a lot better than Rhino & Grasshopper, but since I was using GH to create it, there was no way around it. So I wouldnt go below 16gigs and at that point, the price difference isn't that large anymore... so might as well say fuck it and get the Quadro.
I'm not sure tho how much of the viewport rendering in 3D programs is actually handled by the GPU.

I will look into the surface pro more. Seems like it will be more reliable at least.

No, you wont be able to see shit on it. The screen is pure dark. It's not that portable either. I never get this on the go work where you cant concentrate, just do the bulk of work at home.
Why not get a surfacebook at that price?
Because no GPU

Why not both? What about times where you absolutely can't get home?

I have one. I travel a lot for work and find it a good one piece solution to get work done in hotels. I wouldn't use it for heavy renders but don't usually have to.I've had no problems with screen brightness but haven't tried to use it outside.

Main Apps I use with it are Modo, zBrush, Houdini, Substance Designer/Painter and Photoshop. It performs better with these than my old laptop did and I don't need to carry a separate Wacom tablet around though you will likely want a Bluetooth keyboard.

It is pricey and gets quite warm with heavy use. I don't really like the position of the fan and if you are right handed the place your wrist tends to come to rest is usually the hottest area. Also the stylus nibs are different from all of the other Wacom stylus nibs I have used which isn't great.

I would guess they solve the temperature issue with the next generation.

>>559229 not sure what's not portable about it maybe this dude has weak little arms?
The expensive ones have a GTX 965m in the dock
Thank you for the review. Is there any way to connect an Ethernet cable?

At that point it costs probably the same, no? What solution has the better pen?
This thing is incredible for being a drawfag.

No keyboard means you're going to be pretty limited when doing 3d unless you're mostly doing zbrush.


stuff like this is going to be like <$500 in a few years, and better

if there are any programmerfags/hardwarefags on /3/ who are interested I added wacom/tablet support to a lisp input driver for linux's evdev

driver at

example use in

a lot of the bigger companies especially those with industrial grade visualization requirements make their in house solutions
I tried. Went the ebay route so it's 50/50 if it would be possible to get my money back. Guy I bought it from seems to be willing to help me out with it but it's not 100%.

It's ridiculous that Wacom still sells that tablet at it's regular price since 2012 when it first came out and has not even bothered to lower the price even when newer products have come out from them.

Might put it up on ebay to offload it to someone that will hopefully have better luck than me. Might just sell it for $950 and cut my losses. Been looking at the XP-Pen Artist 22E HD. It's one of the few tablets with short cut buttons on each side of the bezel like the cintiq 22hd.

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