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hey 3/bros, I need your help!
I saved zbrush project as zproject and deleted all autosaves. then when I tried to open it it crushes zbrush, I tried to open it in every fucking way...
I'm panicking already
plz help, I'll make it up sopmehow, I'll sculpt anime duck with deadtray gun or IDK.. sculpt pepe's mother...
>mustache drawing

Heh. Heheh.

Give her a dick, please.
there is a dick
I don't use Zbrush, but usually project files contain (or are a wrapper for) individual assets that you can extract and then do some sort of binary transformation (like with a commandline script or simple program) to get an .obj or the like

So I'd google "recover mesh data from corrupted zbrush project" and work from there
But you don't even save objects as projects in Zbrush. You save them as tools. I'd say, even if you manage to restore the project, you won't be able to work on it.
I know, but I'd be able to at least export meshes
anyway, I exported lowest polys few days back and decimated high polys for baking. so i kinda restored my project. and I had backup copy from some time ago and I merged/projected etc all of this )) I lost minimal of what I had

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