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hello people.
I'm barely getting started with 3D modeling, using maya, used it mostly to make stuff on unity. I can't model at all but i'm learning how to UV stuff, using quixel, normal maps, materials and stuff.
Point is, i'm looking for a 3D modeling software that runs on "a toaster" meaning my netbook that has no hardware acceleration/GPU/OpenGL/etc available. It runs a bunch of old 3D games with no problem, so i figure it can handle making a bunch of boxes and spheres on SOME software. Right?

fyi blender wouldn't run, but im open to any alternatives, no matter how useless the software might be to a pro. thanks
pic unrelated
wings3d is your last chance if blender is too heavy lol

pretty sure 2005 computer can run blender
it's not that it was too heavy, it gave me an error like "nope, can't install on this computer".
It's something about the graphics, because i can run ableton live, photoshop (without the 3D thing the new ones have!) and a few other fairly heavy softwares. Not flawleslly, but still.

Gonna try this wings3d one. thanks
it says it needs openGL, i know it won't run.
Could it be that with a driver update im able to run openGL? it's kinda ridiculous the shit im not being able to run because of this software gimmick
having no graphics card is impossible.
your graphics card is what displays every pixel on your screen
You can try the now ancient Blender 2.49 - it's the last version before they fixed the UI and modernized everything (2009).
My toaster from 10 years ago has OpenGL 2.0, if I'm not mistaken, and Blender requires 1.4.
Try updating your driver, and tell us what graphics card you have.
Go to your device manager and take a screenshot of that. Upload it here.

We can't start to help you if we don't know what hardware you're running. But you probably do have a GPU, either integrated into your CPU chipset, embedded onto the motherboard itself or otherwise, and you just don't know you do.
what about software rendering? it can send pixel data to a display connection while running on a cpu can't it?

That isn't true anon. GPU =/= video card
While every computer has a gpu be it a video card or integrated chipset into the motherboard, not every pc has a dedicated video card
My mistake, I meant integrated chipset into the cpu, not the motherboard.

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