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File: knife2.jpg (60 KB, 1920x1080)
60 KB
what do you think of this knife i've made?

File: knife1.jpg (73 KB, 1920x1080)
73 KB
the other picture
It strikes a resemblance to an instrument used primarily for the act cutting.
Fucking typical plebe.

It's obvious that this is the artist's interpretation of domestic violence in the household, hence why it is a kitchen knife.

I like how the artist brings depth to this piece by adding a reflective chrome that acts as a mirror. It's as tho they're saying "when you hurt others, you hurt yourself".

It's a beautiful piece. I'd price it at 10/10 could download for free off of turbosquid
>It's obvious that this is the artist's interpretation of domestic violence in the household, hence why it is a kitchen knife.

Your interpretation on this marvelous piece is sooooo wrong. Do you see anything missing from it? That's right, blood. The staple of any obvious household spats turned violent.

The dichotomy between the dark and bright sides of the knife in the two pictures ~obviously~ represent the two sides of human morality, good and evil, and the incredibly dull and plastic-y looking edge is there to show you how easy it is not just to tow the line, but also to cross between both sides effortlessly. The clean handle is there to indicate that this power can be wielded whichever way but hasn't been used yet. It challenges the viewer to think deep within their consciousness for situations where they too have had moral decisions to make.

Good try, but clearly you have to train the critic inside of you more.
>everything you just said


Blood, like the human spirit, whithers and fades with time. Look at the setting for the picture. It's clear as a glacial lake on the first day of spring that it's encased in a glass box of some sort, to view but for none to touch.

The knife itself is a metaphor for the memory of those who have hurt others. Look at how the artist positioned the knife as well: it's lingering. A daunting form just like the memory of violence, tying back to the glass case-memory suggestion.

Interesting you picked up on the yin yang theme between the two pictures.
Still wrong, but interesting. You may have potential, but your skills are younger than a fertile embroyo awaiting penetration.

The light and dark is a sexual enuendo for OP's desire to be stepped on and humiliated in front of his loved ones. Light = love, darkness = misery. It is his internal struggle to keep himself from hurting himself in pursuit of love; finding someone ELSE to harm him in the name of compassion. That is the true core of this piece.

Sorry kid, but you got a long way to go.
unfunny tryhards. kys.

I didn't bother watching the video, but:

The lighting on both renders is shit. The front of the knife is way too dark on the first one, and the shadow being cast forward is weird and unpleasant to look at. The second one is a bit better, although I'd say it's overly blue, and that lens flare is ridiculous. You also cropped off the bottom of the handle, wtf. The overall composition of the second render feels way too dramatic for something as mundane as a kitchen knife, so basically you should try to go back to the composition of the first render but apply better lighting.

As for the model itself it's ... not very good. The finger notch thingy in the grip needs to be beveled, and there are a few other details that need to be beveled as well. Rivets on knives are usually perfectly flush with the handle from what I've seen, presumably to make cleaning easier/more sanitary. Blades aren't usually that smooth, it should have a brushed finish.

Hope that helps.

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