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File: topology4chan.png (378 KB, 1248x920)
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fucking tear my topology apart i want to be ashamed

also why not just zremesh everything and be done with it? it will deform okay cause games are so highpoly nowdays

people insist on topology just to stay alpha above new people with better sculpting skills
watch what happens bitch

do it
Zremesher is awful. Good luck getting proper edge loops and not spirals out of that shit. Use only for static things.
am not even talking about proper edge loops
just a grid like high poly model

look at this https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/fc/18/1c/fc181c848883222e0571128a31bda2f5.jpg

on the two left options yeah topology is important but is it also important on the right one?
also please someone comment on my topology? class is tomorrow need advice

Is this supposed to be a face or a theatrical mask? Cause if it's a theatrical mask it's probably fine with that square nose and those sharp edges around the eyes, but definitely not for a real face.

The whole point of "proper" topology is to ensure that the model deforms in a natural way, one that's true to the real-world object it's copying. Do a google image search for "face wrinkles" and you will see exactly how the edge loops need to flow. After all, wrinkles are the result of the face deforming as it changes its expression.

Yes. Even with the highest one, you would still get some really nasty deformation in places like the eyelids and corners of the mouth. Zremesher doesn't take into consideration what will be deformed and not, and from my experience it certainlu doesn't care about edge loops staying in line for creases and folds. Where a proper edge loop would go along a crease or fold, Zremesher goes in and out of it, and doesn't care. You could try Zremesher guides, but I only got artifacts when trying to enforce them.
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