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Why are you not procedurally generating all of your textures anon?
I am :^)
There's some advantages to photo textures, namely speed. If you can get a decent normal/roughness map out of a photo it can help you cut corners to get things done faster, the tradeoff being lack of customization/reusability, and shittiness of normal mapping generation for certain photo texture types.

Personally, however, I've been having a lot of fun with SD and use it whenever I have the chance.
The procedure I use is to paint manually, in Quixel and PS. Whatever works, right?
as much as people love using procedural. nothing looks good as photo textures.

you have artists that make realistic planks in substance designer but that's like the top 10% of all texture artists in the world. this is why archviz still heavily relies on photo textures to achieve photo realism
>nothing looks good as photo textures.
photo textures mean you have zero imagination and should basically give up and change careers.
you should give up and change diapers
>i can't take a straight jab every once in a while
comes with the job

This field of work is pretty depressing, huh?
no, its only gonna get better once you axe your own internet cable
you can't outrun the truth
what truth? can you makes textures in designer? and if so how good they are gonna be? care to show an example?
since you pirate everything and have all this free time, shouldn't you be an expert by now?
>what truth?

>photo textures mean you have zero imagination and should basically give up and change careers.
the only truth here is that you're a smelly beaner with no ambitions
Or you can not be autistic and mix photos into your procedural textures.
Implying I am not in the "top 10%"
Git gud kiddo
i don't like having generic textures in my scene, so i try to mix it up and add stuff to it.

but after iv seen some materials from infitiny ward artists i kind of want that quality.
there are only 5-6 artists here that are worth a shit. i take it that none of them actually have time to make these type of comments
Great for stylized or pseudo-realistic materials, but for pure realism the best is creating textures from actual photographs. The downside is you have to buy equipment and plane tickets to said places to make those photos.
Do you mean for film? Because SD textures are perfectly suitable for "realistic" games, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some were used for movies as well.

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