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File: glebandandrew.jpg (19 KB, 340x162)
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Who is the Gleb Alexandrov/Andrew Price of Maya?
someone without any actual film credits on their resume
Also someone w/o any games experience.

Someone thats just a shill with very little talent besides hitting the render button basically
You're not as talented as either of them.
File: 123165465.jpg (15 KB, 308x229)
15 KB
I like Gleb's stuff but I can't stand his accent.
because tutorial makers in maya don't monetize everything and exploit their community
yeah it takes a lot of getting used to, but his videos are pretty good once you get past the accent
How is that triggered?
We got this guy who makes videos that are atleast 1 hour long covering basic stuff that should take about 15 minutes.
File: yone.jpg (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
For every 1 paid Blender tutorial, there's 10,000 paid autodesk tutorials

You forgot every Lynda tutorial ever made on any subject

"Welcome to the Lynda video series on [x], in this tutorial we'll be covering EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF [subset within a subset]"
I feel the same
What i cant stand even more, in a blender conference, he spoke without the weird accent he has.
Dont know if he got better at english or he is too cocky in his tutorials and made that annoying accent

Better question who is the Blender tutorials 666 of Max.
File: 14782548408210.jpg (437 KB, 1280x853)
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437 KB JPG

>cant take russian accent

honestly, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>tfw yanai sosak liked your work

feels good mang
Blender tutorials 666 does not make the tutorias we need but the tutorials we deserve
What a stupid meme. No wonder/3/ is the laughing stock of 4chan.
File: DarylObert.jpg (12 KB, 240x240)
12 KB
This gentleman: https://www.youtube.com/user/dto911c4s
Its not russian accent, he's just talking like a douche
t. russian
Seconding this, with other people's "tutorials" on youtube you have to skip half the video and watch the rest on twice the speed just to get some useful information.
With Daryl's videos on the other hand, you have to watch in half the speed just to keep up, the dude knows his stuff. Not a surprise really, I think he is working on maya development in autodesk.


>jumping right into it
>not slow
>knows his shit
>tons of content

i thought i'd seen everything. never expected to see a night with a happy ending. now i can die in peace. amen, anon.

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