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Hi, is it possible to convert a 2d plane (like the item on the left) into a 3d cylinder (like the item on the right) and have the diameter of the cylinder's segments be the same as the plane's width in that area?
Did you seriously consider answer like "No, unfortunately that's one thing our technology cannot do yet. Perhaps Pixar or Google might be able to do it with their computing power, but if you're an ordinary guy then you're pretty much fucked" ? Just get the damn plane, cut it in half and spin it around it's axis, as if you were turning rectangle into a cylinder.
you make the outlines in a 2D like without faces, and use screw modifier in Blender
Dont listen to the autism op.
In short yes you can depending on the program used the procedure is similar.
Here is an example in Blender.

If you are just starting in modeling i suggest you go here and go thorough the course,principles learned there apply in all 3D world...
Isnt it called compound objects in max?
You can do this in blender by combining an array modifier with a curve
You can literally do this in any program, usually with something like "revolve" although some programs have a different name.


make like 11 cut loops then use simple deform and bend set it to 360 degrees
Slow way is to take plane, sketch out a shape of points (just one half of the shape is fine), then take that shape and duplicate a bunch. Rotate those shapes around the center. Then link up the shapes in a circle.

Do your own homework.

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