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Should l learn sculping or box modeling to do animuh models like pic related?
box modeling
i personally know someone who makes original smut and he strictly polymodels his waifu's
>box modeling in current year
There's no reason to go into zbrush or mudbox for models like this. The skin is "perfect" enough that subdividing it in those softwares to model in details is almost a zero-sum game. Good-looking hair can easily be done with simple planes and geometric shapes, musculature is almost non-existent, and clothing is very simple to do.

The biggest challenge is making a 2D face look good in 3D. It's by far the most difficult part of these models and the one that'll probably have the highest concentration of polygons in your model. But even then, exporting your model to a sculpting program just for that is complete overkill.

In short, you could sculpt this out, but it's like bringing a flamethrower to kill an ant.
2D style in 3D is a bad meme and geometrically impossible. The best you can do is ugly approximations that look like shit, or you can do what the expert waifu sculptors in nippon do and make something with a similar aesthetic but made for 3D.
A lot of better pixiv guys who make 3D anime girls actually do sculpt it in zbrush from the looks of it. You can find some of their stuff on pixiv, maybe they also have indepth tutorials but it'll all be in Japanese.
Link one of the dudes in question, please?
Whichever one. Not questioning it, I'd just like to see his work.
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Are you always the same guy with the box model hating? i honestly dont care but its every time anyone mentions it.
search for kawabon, his id is 2786808. on mobile so i cant link. Personally I would go with modelling since it'll make your work 100 times easier if you ever decide to pose or animate later.
here is link to his work
Why not just do both? Personally I use box modeling to create the general shape and use sculpting to create details. I do this for high and low poly models and it works pretty well.
Cassette girl was pretty darn close
Do you sculpt in Maya or zbrush?
And if zbrush how do you knock the polys down?
I actually use Zbrush, mudbox and blender depending on how intense of sculpting I need to do.
Blender for light details or general shape modification.
Zbrush for intense sculpting since it handles polys so well (Although I am still trying to figure out the UI roughly a year later)
Mudbox for middle of the way stuff.
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Cassette girl herself wasn't tree dee nigga.
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lower right
>ユーリ アンノ

it was a 3D model.
google translate it if you don't believe me.
The pony fandom, after so many years, is doing pretty good at it. The sfm models are bad but some guy 2snacks has a really nice model.

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