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any feedback on my robot (its from some bioshock infinite concept art, see pic) before I start texturing? (also dont mind the shitty ao on top, its getting fixed)

link to model: https://sketchfab.com/models/7e19a36e4e094dab9b039dd87d529d72
you could use higher poly count and put in the details that are missing on the shoes, face and other places. Especially the big wheels are more jagged than they should be. You should also indicate the mechanisms that would get it to move. (something that is not in the concept art because painters don't understand how real things work).
You could also make it a bit less perfectly straight. Like, flair the arms up a bit, turn the legs out, etc.
thanks! appreciate the feedback!
Hello fellow DAE friend

I agree with the first post, the model could use more polys in general to define a little more detail, also to make the wheels rounder.
Your smoothing groups seem to be all over the place, I think some parts that should be smoothed aren't.
And for the love of all fuck, don't use the chromatic abberation on sketchfab. Makes me want to puke.
Pretty good model overall though, keep it up.
haha whats wrong with some good old chromatic abberation?
and thanks for the feedback, I already fixed the smoothing groups because yea, they really are a mess. thanks for the feedback!
Nigga do you study at the DAE?
yea, why?
HEAJ fag here
oh hell ye

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