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Hi there /3/, I'd like to play around with making mesh objects for upload to Second Life. I gave Blender a try, but the interface was rather confusing. I'm choosing between Maya, Modo, and Cinema 4D.

I'd like to use one program for more or less everything. My main focus is learning the basics, especially modeling. I'd like to make things such as furniture and little trinkets - not really organic stuff. Clothes are apparently the hardest to make, as you have to rig them to the Second Life avatar skeleton - most people use Avastar, a Blender plugin, for this purpose.

Maya seems like it's overall good, and apparently there's a plugin for rigging to the SL avatar called Mayastar. This would be nice for if I ever want to make rigged stuff.

Modo seems like it's very modelling-focused. However, the Internet's opinion is that it has a very steep learning curve.

Cinema 4D seems like the easiest of the three, but like Modo, it has little resources online for SL-related stuff. Also, it's apparently very focused on VFX and not game design.

Cost isn't an issue - I can either pirate or use a student edition. I'm guessing the metadata is removed when I export as .dae (the required format for mesh in SL)
I started with Maya (barely knew how to use it), then learned Max, then Modo.

There isn't really a difference in "learning curve", all three programs work basically the same, difference is the amount of documentation you will find. You will find many beginner tutorials for Maya and Max, few for Modo.

Out of the three I would say Modo is the most "convenient" programs, tools are straightforward and work in intuitive ways, while Max/Maya have more bloat and a couple oddities/shit that doesn't work well.

However, if you're starting out, I would definitely recommend going with Max or Maya, simply because that's where all the good documentation is at. Not having Modo's advantages isn't that big of a problem, getting documentation that makes it easier for you to learn is what really matters.
Max isn't really an option for me unless it's far and away better, as I go between using Windows and OS X frequently.

I'll probably look into tutorials for both Modo and Maya - I find that the video tutorials are hard for me to follow, so perhaps I need something text-based. I played with C4D for about an hour on a friend's computer, and it seemed intuitive but like you mentioned, Maya is going to have way more documentation. It's also the suggested software for Linden Lab's new platform, Sansar.

I'll work on Maya for now, and play with Modo later to see if it "clicks" with me in a way that Maya doesn't. Would love to hear more opinions from /3/, especially if you've worked on stuff for SL.
Blender takes a solid day to learn. Just watch the intro tutorials on youtube by guru or w/e.
How many people still play that trite? Did they ever adopt PBR?
>Tfw never finish anything only because render times take too long

I wish I had a secondary computer for rendering.
>How many people still play that trite?
It says there are ~10k avatars online but who knows how many of them are bots
>Did they ever adopt PBR?
>boots in SL

No reason to run bots. The only thing you could use them for that would be "profitable" would be to keep you moving if you take a job in SL, and those pay less than $1 an hour. That's not even enough money for Russians to bother with.

fuck my spelling

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