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I'm ashamed to say this boys but I'm in need of some help...

I've been in a 3d animation class for 2 years now, it's been easy so far. However, this year I was tasked with creating a 3d animation project with a small group of friends. But our group has slowly deteriorated from 3 people to 1, just me. Now I'm alone and tasked with single-handedly creating a 30sec (minimum) animation with a story, that must contain:
- a fully animated movie (start to end must feature animation)
- 3 diverse characters with seperate models and voices
- at least 2 fully fleshed out enviroments
- animated and fully synchronized facial features
- working mechanical objects with small and large moving parts
- uv textures with well made custom textures
- custom and hand made sfx and added graphic effects
- and a lot of other shit....

Needless to say I'm nearing the end of the school year. And I need help and Ideas, wether I get it from my fellow ameture cucks with some good begginer tricks & lazy short cuts, or the actual professionals on this board.
I'm just out of ideas and tired of getting nowhere in terms of progress. My themes/plans for this project are just about as lazy and simple as they come. All my project will be a: ww2 (dday specifically) and low poly movie trailer style project. If you could help me with downloads, tips, tricks, lazy editing help, or anything inbetween.

1) I mainly use 3ds max, I have blender but tend not to use it as I am very inexperienced with it's mechanics.

2) and my main problem areas stem from innexperience with terrain and also from my teacher neglecting to teach us uv mapping.

Thank you in advance.
- Goose.
You don't need an elaborate story with well defined models so long as they can become highly animated when they are preforming.

Something simple like maybe ninja squirrels fighting over a golden acorn tumbling down a mountain shrine.

Just remember you don't need to go ham with the assets. Just go deeper than balls deep in the animation work. That is what is important here.

Nobody should expect a 1 man team to come up with all the assets. This isn't a "do everything yourself" kind of course... I hope. I really hope your teacher won't bring down your grade for stupid shit like texture and voice quality...
We could do the voices for you, if you can't get other people to do it.
that doesn't seem too difficult
4 hours a day is more than enough
i can give you tips however

>restrict yourself to interior environments
>make sure to plan out everything, pen on paper before you do it
>make sure to reuse the mesh of the first character you are making,particularly the body
>use camera work to your advantage
>put emphasis on the animation and characters rather than how the lightning or environment will look, blur stuff if you aren't happy with it.
>think of mechanical objects like power drills,coffee machines and thinks that are generally easy to animate
>don't get worked up on thing like hair or teeth

I'd be game. I'd probably be willin to help out even further than that. I was in the same spot earlier this year OP.

I don't think it'd really be cheatin either cause you're supposed to have a group. So long as you do the majority of the work you'll be good.

Also talk to your prof about the group situation. If they know your situation they may help you out or grade a bit easier.
>my teacher neglecting to teach us uv mapping.
just download 3dcoat, makes uv mapping easy as fuck, should be able to learn how it works in 30 minutes tops if you follow a youtube tutorial
Hey if you come up with an idea I can probably help you voice act. Depending in character of course.
Thanks for the advice man. Hope he won't be too harsh as well. I'll make a note to work harder on the animation.
I might take you up on that if my teacher won't accept a text to speech bot.
Thanks man, if you could sauce me a terrain in max that would more than enough. Thanks.
I'll try it. Thanks for the program, I'd heard that a separate program would be easier than using Krita or Photoshop
>But our group has slowly deteriorated from 3 people to 1, just me. Now I'm alone and tasked with single-handedly creating a 30sec (minimum) animation with a story
How did that happen?
Any kind of terrain? Also what's the style of the animation materials so it can at least resemble a consistent theme
They both left the school one left for online school and the other wanted to go to homeschooling. (I'm in high school btw, sorry to say but I'm not quite an oldfag yet...)
you should do the same then.
right now they want you to be some generalist. but trust me you want to do only rigging and animation.
>the school knows best
i used to think like this, but they really don't. there is a college here that is pumping out generalists and most of them can't find work. be a specialist
Basically just model a section of Normandy beach, a tad low poly. If you get some source material like images from Google that will help a lot (pic related). It's a shallow incline into a flattened-ish terrain (to place bunkers and such on top of) and then on the sides a steep incline into a cliff deal. It's a bit hard to describe. And for materials don't worry about the little things, I can manage to make the details and edit the it's if I want (can get a tutorial) or use the desaturation tools in sony vegas. But if your thinking of adding grass please do, I always Fucc it up badly.
That's what I want to do the. But I'm better at editing videos and other visuals, so I'm thinking I might as well use my editing skills to my advantage.
Noted. When's it due?
End of the year is when the project is due. But I'm supposed to have one next week. But That can easily be extended further if I bullshit my way through the week. But I already have some map props worked out (Boolean craters, bunkers, some tanks, planes and sandbags, even an ocean) , and I'm planning on making some birds to fly around or something... So it doesn't need to be anything special, just a very basic low poly rendition of 1944 Normandy beach. If your up for it please do. If not I completely understand.
I can help you with voices and basic environmental model... can't leave a /3/ friend in need helpless... just say the word...
I would love the help. My teacher just said that we need the project done by May 16... So I'm absolutely fucked unless I get some help. If you could just do a basic environment I would be so grateful. All I need is a beach and some sandy cliffs in the backround. And low poly if you can, mostly because my computer isn't the best with big renders... (Pc sounded and felt like it was about to burst into flames when I rendered a 30k verticies 45sec simple animation...) Thank you so much Anon.
It's now due May 16 because he made us submit our animations to a county fair a requirement ...
Is there anyplace in particular we could upload stuff to help you? And is there a more particular list of tasks that we could help with? I'd love to help but if you end up with just a bunch of different terrains it would be a bit of a wasted effort :p
Would a small discord suffice?
I can definitely post a link...
(Also all I really need is a terrain of Normandy an possibly a small sample of animated grass) most of the rest is done.
There we are.

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