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File: Millennium_towertokyo.jpg (79 KB, 413x588)
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What 3D program Norman Foster (Foster + Partners) used?
autocad i assume
don't think they used autocad for 3D lol
I lile how confident you sound when you dont know how commonly used autocad is.
I am sure they use CAD its still very popular, I just dont think they use CAD for 3d, I believe CAD is mostly used for line drawing
I lile how retarded you sound when you don't know that this is impossible with autocad. revit maybe.
Most CAD programs these days are perfectly fine for creating most 3D shapes. Idk about autocad, but vectorworks for example even has subdivisions and nodes in their 2017 version. What they use depends on their workflow, if they have already adopted BIM or not, etc.
For designing patterns, Grasshopper for Rhino is a powerful tool, and rhino is a powerful 3D CAD tool. It's more accessible for architects than for example 3dsmax, because the layout and structure is more similar to 2D CAD software. Many architects use max tho, at least for visualisation. I don't think CAD software can do UV mapping yet but not sure.
C4D is also widely used.

As for Foster, idk what they use exactly, but there should be some hints on their website.
Is this a meme? What part is impossible lol

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