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File: 3dp_sketchfab_logo.jpg (14 KB, 280x260)
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Post your favorite Sketchfab models and Artist.
File: My neighbor Cthulhu .jpg (51 KB, 1131x590)
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OP here,
I'll start with Graft, love his style.

File: Gazer by Skuddbutt.jpg (45 KB, 1135x587)
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Can't forget about Skuddbutt, I recommend you check out his works too.

File: Lusamine by Sankaku3d.jpg (38 KB, 1112x569)
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Sankaku3d stuff is nice too.


Guy is a god. I wish I had one percent of his expertise in animu 3D.
>Dat arm bend
That arm is fucked.
No it isn't. minor hyper mobility in elbows isn't uncommon. Some people can bend their elbows backwards much further than that.
One thing's always bothered me about this model, and it's how the top part of her dress becomes transparent close to the neck region.

Dunno if this is a game thing, but once you see it, it's really jarring. It's like the dress is fusing with the skin.
You're gonna have to post some references because I have never seen anyone bend their arm like that without breaking it and that doesn't look like a bend that your trochlea can support without popping out of the socket.
it's called shading anon
The dress literally fuses with her skin.

You can call it whatever you like. I call it weird.
This looks really bad. The face, hands, and arms are just weird. Also what the other anon mentioned about the dress fusing with the skin. Also the blue line on the hair breaks really weirdly at points.
File: CrrsAkKUkAEG12i.jpg (58 KB, 996x583)
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I thought everything looked okay except for the dress. The character does have an anime wide-face thing going. Opinions will be divided on the body and especially that arm but I find it overall pretty elegant.

I was weirded out by the dress but I looked at screenshots and, while I think the dress is meant to be a turtleneck sorta deal, it does look like the modelers just sorta transparency-ed it out towards the top, so this is a kinda faithful adaptation to the source material on the 3DS's shitty internal resolution.

I mean, I dunno. I've seen a lot worse.
File: 1473169818442.jpg (73 KB, 518x840)
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This is the official artwork he's basing it off for reference. It's kinda hard to see but yeah, it shouldn't blend/fuse.
I made that! Thank you.

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