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Hello /3/, I have never animated a model before but I have this unrigged Trex model and a royalty free license for it.

Is it too crazy for me to think that I can use a digital tutors pack to learn to animate this model to do even the simplest of things. Just to walk around or something and open its mouth. How hard is this to do?
If I have to I could make it so that player doesn't get too close to the model and have it only visible in the distance through thick rain. Thanks for the help
depends on how good you want it to look.
you can't really just jump into animation and expect it to look good. you're going to be doing bouncing ball exercises for a while before that happens.
use a physics simulation for balls bouncing you noob
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i've lost the ability to tell what's ironic shitposting and what isn't anymore, but i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt

haha nice one xD i totally forgot about simulations Xd :^))^)^T:^):D:D?D:=D:-D:D
if you ask on the /3/ discord im sure some smuck would be kind enough to help you out
I would, but I've been banned from there.
then thats what you get for being a dingus.
Fuck you, you fucking paki piece of shit.
please translate what the fuck you are talking about, kek
and what's a discord? :v
a gay chat room filled with dirty pajeets, don't even bother going there
he got banned for something probably stupid because literally no one gets banned, unless you're tim, kys tim.

also you should join if you like doing the 3ds, we are a nice kind group except for nul_del.
Nuldel is the only pajeet I know, rest of the chat is fine. Fuck do I hate Indians, though.
nuldel isnt even indian though, hes a black french man
The basics of animation are hard so while you can manage a walk cycle it just wont look good. Maybe the distance and rain are enough to hide it but doubt it.

If your problems is that you never animated a 3D model (you simply dont know how the tools work) then you can do it. If you havent even animated 2D shit before the forget it and find a better solution
Yeah I am a 2d animator, but I do family guy-tier animations with very simple walk cycles
yes you can study animation at home if that's what ur asking.
there is some dirty nigger that likes to ((troll)) people. and an overly liberal admin that i wouldn't hire to manage a toilet booth
You can but it will look shit. If you want it looking good hire an animator or keep learning animation for next year or so

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