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I want to start a company , I have been working at some places in the last 5 years and all in all ~9 years experience .
My goal is to have a small Indie / Hobbie company with smaller steam games, maybe one day one of them will actually make some money.
Random eye texture
1. register your business

There, you have a company.

If you're asking how to manage a company and develop a game then rethink what you're doing
>make game
>hire people to make game
>make company

wow it's so hard
intresting, pitch your ideas
Problem is a friend of mine got into loads of money from 3d stuff and my country has shitty laws so he got took away shit load of money because he had no real company or something
OK. I usually hate when people shitpost and don't give normal responses to people who are asking questions, but making business thread on 3?
you are fucking crazy man
I have started many businesses and I have to say the key is masturbation.
You need to masturbate twice a day, preferably more to keep your stress levels down. Masturbate with your employees if you can (no female), it can be a good bonding experience.
make a kickstarter first
make sure to shill alot
have a visual demo and concept art for kickstarter
Yeah, top jej
thanks for actual answer. Starting
>thanks for actual answer. Starting
>actual answer

Wew lad
make some deal with unemployed people that they will do code and stuff for you while they get welfare, so you don't have to pay them anything, then when game is done, they get their share from the profit and it's win win for everyone.
I'm running an Archviz startup piggybacking on a successfull firm. What I learned in the past 3 months is that it's hard to find people and that there is a shitload more organizing involved than you would think.
Basically you can forget actually doing any 3D work yourself because you will be busy with paperwork and management.
Don't forget that software and hardware is expensive as fuck too unless you use blender and UE4 I guess.
looked at some realtime archviz companies recently. most of their work look like sims 2. the problem is that they require people that work with 8 different programs rather than have a few specialists for each task.
not saying there aren't any good ones. but the initial impression was disappointing
People are expensive, especially specialists. So in small teams, everyone will have to do everything.
And with real time it will look worse than passive rendering every time.

There's also the problem that Archviz is a strange market, especially realtime. It gets expensive to produce very fast and is not really that useful so not many people are willing to buy it.

Pretty good eye texture. Saving for future use.

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