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Anyone know where I can find large numbers of animated, decent looking 3D people?

I want to create an archviz of a very large store (like 30k+ square meters). I want it to be realtime and I want people to be able to walk around the entire thing, interior and exterior. For that reason, I want to use UE4, so I can split the entire thing into several levels.

I already found a blueprint for civilian AI and one for setting up paths with splines. I can create the architecture in Rhino and just buy assets and materials, or make materials myself. What I cant do is make a shitlaod of animated people, because I can neither model people nor animate.

This whole thing only makes sense if the store is actually populated by people, preferably hundreds or thousands of them. Think of civilians in GTA games, who walk around and follow some sort of "routine", or at least look at stuff. A giant store compeltely devoid of life will just look creepy. But idk where I can find decent people.

pls help
I could use Twinmotion (what I'm currently using) or Lumion, but those are very limited when it comes to optimization so I would probably have to break up the scene into several files, and Lumion does not even offer realtime walkthrough capabilities.
Does the Unreal Marketplace really not sell human models?
All I could find were models for the player character, hero types or soldiers or whatever. And a whole load of orcs, skeletons and the likes.

I guess there aren't many games where you need to a have a bunch of normies just walking around. Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough, the marketplace layout is pretty shit desu.

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